If You Can Speak, You Can Sing.

We believe learning to sing is for everyone. For too long the craft of singing has been shrouded in mystery, but the Throga technique changes all that. The voice can scientifically be broken down into seven distinct categories — the 7 Dimensions of Singing. They are: flexibility, breathing, intonation, range, tone, articulation and strength. To learn more, read the Frequently Asked Questions and learn about the Throga team below!

Frequently Asked Qestions

What Is the Throga technique?

Throga is a vocal technique that uses a scientific approach to improve the skills needed to achieve a healthy, strong and well-balanced instrument. More importantly, it allows a singer to celebrate their unique vocal qualities in any style they love to sing. Throga features the only vocal technique in history to be awarded a US patent and has been used by singers, speakers, actors and educators in 126 countries around the world.

What is the Vocal Gym?

The Vocal Gym isn’t like any other online learning platform. It will teach you how to understand your voice and provide a series of exercises specifically for you. Just like professional athletes focus on isolating groups of muscles when working out, singers can focus on specific areas of their voice while doing customized vocal exercises. After completing your free Vocal Profile Assessment, you will have instant access to the Vocal Gym to explore for yourself, along with optional courses for more in-depth training and access to live lessons, the pattern vault, and step by step assistance to pair your voice with the right exercises.

How does science help me sing better?

Singing is a musical artform that requires both emotional expression (singing ‘from the heart’) and physical coordination (mental programming). There’s no denying that singing is absolutely possible without ever learning the science behind it. However, all emotion, physical coordination and desire comes from the mind. From the time we started to speak and hum along with our very first song, mental programs were being cultivated. The more we did it, the better we got. That’s right! Our ability to sing today, regardless of what skill level we are at, is a result of PRACTICE. Repeating a word, a sound, or even the thought of a sound, played a small role in the shaping of our voices. THIS is where the science of singing comes into play. The more efficiently we practiced something, the quicker we improved. Unfortunately, bad habits are sometimes formed through imbalanced muscle tensions and misguided beliefs, causing a singer to limit what they’re actually capable of. Quality vocal practice, through understanding WHICH exercises to practice and HOW to do them, will create new positive behaviors and speed up the learning process. Science may not be able to teach a singer how to “sing from the heart”, but it can be used to reduce inhibitions (mental blocks and anxieties) and improve the instrument’s overall ability for their heart to be heard!

Will Throga change my singing style?

No, it won’t. In fact, it will help you cultivate whatever style you are passionate about singing. This includes every genre imaginable, like Pop, Country, Musical Theatre, R&B, Jazz, Folk, Grunge, Rock and the hundreds of sub-genres related to each of them. How is this possible? This approach is designed to develop a singer’s instrument through isometric exercises and coordination to reach your full potential. The greater the vocal skills become, the easier it will be to express yourself.

Can Throga help classical singers?

Yes! Like any other style of singing, classical singing has specific expectations to be met, along with a relative repertoire. These items can be explored directly with private singing lessons in addition to developing the overall strength and coordination of the instrument from training in the Vocal Gym.

What about hard rock and metal singers?

Yes, metal singers too! Learning how the instrument works and minimizing overall tensions while creating intentionally distorted sounds are key to a lifetime of reliable singing. A private coach can assist in developing this style even further to keep your voice healthy and strong.

Is Throga for beginners or professionals?

Throga focuses on the health and overall balance (coordination) of the vocal instrument, which benefits ALL levels of singers at any age. Whether you are a touring professional or simply curious about your voice, Throga is a safe and incredibly effective means to learn and develop your skills further with no prior singing experience necessary.

Do you have to have natural talent in order to sing well?

What if we were to tell you that “talent” isn’t a requirement to become a great singer? Even if you’ve never taken a voice lesson or joined a choir in school, you have spent thousands and thousands of hours since the time you were born, learning to coordinate your instrument by mimicking others speak and sing to form your words (articulation), move your voice up and down (pitch and range), hold out sounds (breathing), and explore different volumes and textures to get your point across (strength and tone). You see, you may not have been aware, but you have been training yourself to sing your entire life! Of course, some individuals may pick things up quicker based on some genetic factors and other influences, but they too had to put in the time to achieve the skills they have today. No matter what your skill level is at this moment, the more efficient your training is, the more you will improve. This includes discovering and improving potentially bad habits and poor muscle coordination as well.

Is there proof that the Throga technique actually works?

Mechanically speaking, any modern physiology book that explores human anatomy and/or neurology,  will support the claims presented in the Vocal Gym course and 7 Dimensions of Singing books. This is, in part, what earned Throga the only full-utility patent for a vocal technique in US history.  Additionally, anyone who has re-taken their free Vocal Profile Assessment after spending quality time in the Vocal Gym, will actually see a measurement of success in their vocal skills. Artistically speaking, success can be measured in self-confidence, emotionally connecting with listeners, testimonials, ticket and merchandise sales, audition successes, increased fanbase, and most importantly, actually ENJOYING to sing more! However, if you’d like to see an extreme example of Throga’s Techniques in action, check out Throga’s founder (Richard Fink IV) set the Guinness World Record for the Longest Continuous Vocal Note ever held.

Meet The Team

Richard Fink IV

Richard is the founder of Throga®, #1 Best-Selling Author in vocal education and labeled as the “world’s leading online vocal coach” by the Wall Street Journal. He has worked with singers in over 100 countries around the world, including multi-platinum selling artists, professional actors, political leaders, and Broadway stars. As a vocalist, Richard is a 3x Guinness World Record holder and award-winning singer for solo performances as Jesus (Jesus Christ Superstar) and Jean Valjean (Les Miserables). He released multiple albums as a songwriter and vocal-producer between 1991 and 2005, which led to co-writing and demoing songs for top charting artists such as Josh Groban and Michael Jackson. Other career highlights as a vocal coach include adjudicating the 2016-2017 Voice of Dance Life Unite in Australia and Suncane Skale televised throughout Europe, coaching at Talent Camp at Universal Studios, and teaching Masterclasses at various Universities in the USA and Australia. Richard’s crowning achievement, however, was becoming the first and only person in U.S. history to be awarded a full-utility patent on a vocal training technique with the 7 Dimensions of Singing.

Andrew Phan

Andrew is a multi-talented creative expert, holding degrees in Music and Film & Television Production. After a decade as a producer and a travel and food journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald from his native home of Australia, he delved into the publishing world, co-editing the Amazon Best-selling book, “The 7 Dimensions of Singing.” Andrew has also dedicated the last 5 years to studying unique learning techniques, with a focus on ADHD-informed pedagogy only after recently discovering ADHD as an adult. He brings this specialized expertise to his role as co-founder of the Vocal Gym for Homeschool, a revolutionary online program that offers individualized, ADHD-friendly vocal training. The course is lauded for its patented methodology and provides an affordable, effective alternative to traditional voice lessons.

Laurence Tallman

Laurence has been an active music educator for over 30 years and is currently teaching classroom music grades 7-12 at Byron-Bergen Central schools, New York. After receiving his BM and MM in Music Education from the Crane School of Music, he continued to teach there for 6 years in the music department. As a composer, Laurence has written over 200 works for various ensembles and performers at all levels and in 2009, he received the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra award for Outstanding Music Educator in the area of Classroom Music. Additionally, Laurence served as the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) chairperson for High School Classroom Music, and has served on the Content Advisory Panel for the New York State Standards for the Arts.

Jim Bostock

Having worked with over 60,000 patients over the past 20 years, Jim has developed a unique understanding in nerve release and has helped both singers and athletes around the world with vocal tension and other body dysfunctions. Jim’s training includes an undergraduate honors in Exercise Physiology, a postgraduate in Physiotherapy, a Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and is trained in two unique methods of manual therapy originating in the United States and France. Most recently, Jim has developed the Vocal Freedom program to help people heal from a debilitating nerve condition of the voice called Spasmodic Dysphonia.

Kerri Hardwick

Kerri has been performing since she was just 2 years old, growing up in a very musical family, with over 30 years of vocal training and experience. She taught Music and Voice at Elementary/Middle schools for 5 years, with a total of 16 years as a Vocal Instructor, working with Academies, Dance Studios and Theaters, and eventually building and opening up her own studio within her very own home, The Kerri Hardwick Voice Studio. In 2004, Kerri graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Music from Virginia Wesleyan College. She has studied music extensively throughout the years, ultimately reaching her goal of becoming a Certified Throga Instructor in 2015. Kerri produced a CD of her very own entitled Never Walk Alone, which was released in 2011 and continues to work as a studio singer for various projects. Kerri continues her passion for voice and vocal instructor through her position as a Worship Leader and as a prominent performer of the Arts for Learning of Virginia, inspiring young students in and through the Arts. Most recently, Kerri has started working as an Adjunct Professor of Voice for Regent University. She loves to help singers of all ages and levels grow in their passion for singing using the Throga Technique.

Anita Houser

Anita has over 30 years collective experience performing as a singer and pianist. She has performed in musical theatre productions, R&B bands, Jazz bands, choirs, and has led ministry programs as a Music Director in churches both in South Carolina and Georgia over the last 7 years. In 1989, Anita earned a Bachelor of Music degree with honors (Magna Cum Laude) from Spelman College (Atlanta, GA), with additional training at College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati. Anita utilizes her diverse background in education, music, mindfulness, martial arts, intuition, and nutrition into her teaching style. In 2013, Anita was hand-picked to train and become THROGA’s first Certified Teacher and is passionate about passing her knowledge and experience on to her students. Anita continues her independent studies with vocal development, as well as Jazz Piano with Master Teacher, Donald Macey.

Alysia Fink

Alysia is an elementary school teacher with a rich background in singing and the performing arts. Prior to recently relocating, she was the owner of the Bergen School of the Arts and Music Director at the United Methodist Church (Bergen NY). Alysia started her career and education in the Arts as a dancer for a total of 16 years, including 2 years at collegiate level and 4 years as an assistant dance instructor. Throughout High School, Alysia performed in several Musicals, sang in the select Women’s Satin Sound’s choir, and was 1st Flautist in the High School band. At 18 years old, Alysia joined the Army Reserve and attended SUNY Brockport as a Dance Major with a minor in Arts for Children until she was deployed to Afghanistan in October of 2002. Upon returning, Alysia began performing and shared the stage with many well-known artists such as Charlie Daniels, Jason Michael Carrol, Sarah Buxton, and Josh Gracin. Alysia continued her education at  University of Arizona where she received a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, and graduated Magna Cum Laude and is a member of both the Alpha Sigma Lambda and Golden Key National Honor Societies.

Brigitte Krahn

Brigitte is a singer and musician from Paraguay. She started formally building her education at the age of 5, including guitar lessons, Classical piano, voice, music theory and eventually cello. At the age of 16 she became a certified Music Theory and Classical Piano Teacher and she taught her first students shortly thereafter. Over the years, Brigitte spent countless hours developing her musicianship singing in choirs, bands, and as a soloist in churches, and both local and national showcases and competitions. As a pianist and cellist, she has been part of various musical groups, choirs and soloists, as well as classical, chamber and symphonic orchestras and contemporary bands. From day one, her voice was her favorite instrument, and she always searched for ways to further improve and develop her skills. Fascinated by how the Throga Technique helped her understand her instrument and provided a supportive community, she decided that this was something she wanted to be able to pass on to others as well. At the age of 24 she has taught people from several countries, with different musical backgrounds and preferences, always looking to celebrate and develop unique qualities of each vocal instrument while implementing the THROGA technique. Brigitte is the only Certified Throga Instructor that teaches in languages: EnglishGerman and Spanish. Currently, she is in the process of translating the #1 bestseller, 7 Dimensions of Singing – The Throga Technique, into German. Additionally, Brigitte is also a Publicity and PR student and looks to use these skills in order to help voice educators and artists present themselves in the media to find an audience that connects with them.

Jorge Sanchez

Jorge is from Huaraz, Peru. Since he was a child, he loved to sing and listen to the sound of music; but was too shy to try to take music or singing lessons. He moved to the United States at the age of 15 and proceeded to follow a career in Civil Engineering. Eventually, the “what if” feeling became overwhelming and Jorge started doing his own research on the voice and singing, which led him to finally take singing lessons and to take his voice to the next level. Over the years, Jorge has studied over 30 different programs and explored vocal techniques developed by various vocal coaches including Brett Manning, Jesse Nemitz, Eric Frey, Seth Riggs, Jeannie Deva, Anne Peckham, Elisabeth Howard, Roger Love, Carol Fleming, Ava Tracht Landman, Melissa Cross, Jaime Vendera, Thomas Appell, Shelley Kristen, Cathrine Mandolin, Ken Tamplin, Robert Lunte, James Lugo, Portato Ediciones, Mayre Ramirez, and Daniel Garcia. During his independent research, Jorge was awarded a scholarship to study with Richard Fink IV by the International Vocal Scholarship Program. This is where he was first introduced to Throga Techniques in its early stages of development, improving his voice dramatically. In 2009, Jorge created Libertad Vocal (Spanish: Vocal Freedom), a website for exclusive skype only voice lessons. He also created a message board based on the website which now houses more than 1,000 registered members. Years later, he also opened an English version of the site: Vocal Engineering. Jorge’s background in engineering allows him to have a technical perspective when working with students. He approaches vocal problems from different angles in order to help his students overcome his vocal troubles. Becoming a Certified Throga Instructor has given him the tools and the inspiration to continue learning to be a better singer, but foremost, a better teacher.

Anna Rizzo-Tasone

Anna has over 15 years experience as a vocal and performance coach having studied classical music; piano and voice from the age of 6 and recently receiving accreditation as a Certified Throga Instructor. Anna is an accomplished stage performer having worked nationally and abroad and is the lead singer of the band Casanova’s Kiss performing for corporate events. She regularly provides vocals for DJ sets at some of Australia’s biggest nightclubs and has worked extensively as a session singer lending her vocals and harmonies to many commercials and film soundtracks including Fat Pizza and Cedar Boys. Her band performs covers and originals ranging in styles from jazz, chill, dance to disco, R&B, Latin and pop. She has also provided backing vocals for many professional Australian and international artists and since the age of 16 has regularly performed in cabaret shows alongside professional artist and sister Grace Rizzo. Finding her ground particularly in dance ‘house’ music, Anna has penned and released 3 albums of original tracks with La Collectiv and a solo EP with the club hit ‘Dancefloor’. She has featured on the very popular Wild FM compilations with two club hits ‘Lover that you are’ and ‘Fascinated’ and was recently signed to Ministry of Sound and was featured on the Hed Kandi compilations with tracks released on 3 different compilations globally, further propelling her into this musical genre. Having recently returned from a writing stint in Miami and NYC Anna is currently working on a new solo album and is constantly collaborating with international producers and DJ’s. Anna also has a rich background as a publicist and co-founded a PR Agency- Publissimo PR & Events. This first hand experience in PR has proven to be a wonderful asset for guidance to her students both in music and performance.

Cesar De La Rosa

Cesar is a performance coach, singer-songwriter and seasoned entertainer. Hailing from the enchanted island of Puerto Rico, Cesar grew up surrounded by his large, musical family. Performing from the young age of 8, Cesar came to Florida to study vocal performance, choir, drama, and dance. Throughout his middle and high school years, Cesar received acknowledgments from teachers and peers alike as the winner of numerous awards and recognitions. Including, “Best Solo Performance,” “Best Duet Performance,” and “Best Actor in A Play/Musical,” during district and state Thespian competitions. After graduating high school, Cesar collaborated with some of the world’s leading entertainment companies, including Walt Disney World and Universal studios (Orlando and Japan). Cesar has since performed in National competitions such as American Idol, The X-Factor, and was the runner-up for Telemundo’s first season of Yo Soy El Artista (“I Am The Artist”). He has also released a debut studio album, toured Europe, Japan, and America, and has been involved in songwriting projects for companies such as Telemundo and MTV. A recent graduate of Full Sail (Entertainment Business Master’s), Cesar has created Push-Love, a production company, in Orlando, Florida.

Johnny Cummings

Johnny is an award-winning singer-songwriter, and producer from Rochester, NY. As a performer, Johnny has been on stage thousands of times throughout his career, including venues in New York City, Los Angels, Amalfi Coast, Nashville, Seattle and Herceg Novi, as well as opening for major label artists such as Kenny Chesney and Gin Blossoms. For the past 12 years, he’s been a member of one of Rochester’s top cover/wedding bands, “Something Else”, and previously served as lead singer for the critically acclaimed Psychedelic Pop group, “My Plastic Sun”. Johnny has co-written and produced hundreds of songs spanning Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, and Progressive genres working with multi-platinum artists signed with Sony/ATV, Warner Bros., EMI, and RCA Records. His song, “Ostani (Tonight)” in 2008 and “Predate (Surrender)” in 2010, each won first prize at the international Suncane Skale competition, televised throughout Europe. In 2014, Johnny enjoyed radio success with his song “Couldn’t Love You More”, which was picked up by a Sirius XM station and became their most played song for over 4 months. Currently, Johnny is enjoying the success of his song, “Heavy Is the Crown” (co-written by Chris Daughtry and band member Elvio Fernandes), being a #1 hit on the Rock charts, performed by Daughtry.

Sam Polizzi

Sam is a highly sought after mixing engineer and music producer from Rochester, NY with a keen ear who keeps his finger on the pulse of what’s fresh in the music scene. His credits include multi-platinum selling artists such as Lou Graham (Foreigner), Lady GaGa, Celine Dion, Snoop Dogg and Chris Daughtry, along with several other award-winning artists signed to RCA, Sony, Warner, Nettwerk and BMG Publishing. Sam’s seamless mixing and iconic drum programming has also led to teaching a master class at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL, mixing for Grammy nominated songwriters in Los Angeles, CA (Lady GaGa) and producing up-and-coming singers from around the world, including the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Paraguay and Japan. In addition to local media programming, Sam’s work has also been placed in several national commercials. Most recently, Sam’s productIon has landed artists on the top viral playlists of Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.

Jason Ried

Biography coming soon.