If you can speak, you can sing. We believe in celebrating the vocal qualities that make singers unique, while working to improve the skills needed to achieve a healthy, strong and well-balanced instrument. This approach has been used by vocalists of all styles of singing in all 50 US States and 118 countries around the globe. Whether an aspiring singer, touring artist, public speaker, actor or educator, Throga can lead a vocalist to their full potential.

The Throga Technique consist of the only patented vocal technique in US history, the 7 Dimensions of Singing (7DS), and the Throga Guidelines.  The 7DS are broken down into seven categories; Flexibility, Breathing, Intonation Range, Tone, Articulation and Strength. These dimensions allow you to accurately target and develop any aspect of your voice using contemporary biological science. The Guidelines are designed to help vocalists (singers and speakers) reduce unnecessary tensions and safely develop their instrument for maximum results when practicing in the Vocal Gym.

These educational tools take advantage of how the neural-pathways in our brain works; the more focused, accurate and efficient an exercise is, the faster we can develop new, positive, behaviors. To learn more, explore the Throga Technique first hand with Online Courses, the 7 Dimensions of Singing Book, or work directly with a Certified Throga Instructor to help you reach your vocal goals!


Richard Fink IV
Founder of Throga

Andrew Phan
Marketing Director

Gretchen Ann
Lesson Coordinator

Ami Gent
Certified Instructor

Kerri Hardwick
Certified Instructor

Anita G Houser
Certified Instructor

Brigitte Krahn
Certified Instructor

Anna Rizzo
Certified Instructor

Jorge Sanchez
Certified Instructor

Johnny Cummings
Throga Records

Sam Polizzi
Throga Records

Laurence Tallman

Jim Bostock

Alysia Fink

Cesar De La Rosa


Music is your passion. Producing it is ours.

You can hear the song already in your head. Maybe not all of it, maybe just a hint of it, but you know it’s in there. And you know it can be amazing. Bringing that song to life and getting it recorded requires a team approach. At Throga Records, that’s the approach we take.

We love working with artists who share our passion for music. That’s why we started Throga Records, a single-source production company that offers artists like you the customized resources you need to make your music a reality.

You’ll work firsthand with acclaimed producer Sam Polizzi, award-winning songwriter/musician Johnny Cummings and world-renowned vocal coach Richard Fink IV to make that song, and every song, just as amazing as you imagined. Together, we bring decades of experience and award-winning expertise to every project. And, yes, as cliche as it sounds, we bring the passion, too. That’s just who we are.

You’ve got the talent. We’ve got the team. Let’s make some music.