Discover Your Voice (Universal Orlando)

Stay at the Holiday Inn Across from Universal Hotel & Suites, an official partner of Universal®, where your child will have an unforgettable educational experience learning how to improve their singing and performing skills with Certified Throga Instructors and music industry professionals! This retreat is for ages 10-20 (split into two age groups for various activities) and includes vocal training, specialized classes, recording “live” in a high-end professional studio, performance rehearsals and private showcase for family and industry professionals. We welcome singers of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and genres of music (such as pop, country, rock, Broadway, opera, and r&b) to participate and challenge themselves in this unique singing experience, while discovering Throga’s scientific based technique, known as the 7 Dimensions of Singing.

July 17-22, 2022

Orlando, Florida

Ages 10-20


EDUCATION: All classes, private lessons, interactive activities, solo-studio recordings, photos, performance videos, and any related materials or worksheets, are included in registration.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Although it is not required to stay at the Holiday Inn Across from Universal® Hotel & Suites during the retreat, it is highly recommended to do so! Not only will you have convenient access to all retreat activities (just an elevator away), but you will have exclusive access to a significantly discounted group rate, already built into the registration options below! Plus, you can extend your stay at the hotel upon request so that you and your family can take full advantage of being just steps away from Universal Theme Parks (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Universal’s Volcano Bay) or take a short drive to SeaWorld or Disney World.

TRANSPORTATION: On our recording day, Singers will be chaperoned to and from Starke Lake Studios in beautiful Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limousines! Family members are welcome to join the team at the studio and hang out in the control room during their child’s recording, but must provide their own transportation. If you are a guest at the Holiday Inn Across from Universal® Hotel & Suites, a shuttle service to all three Universal Theme Parks can be scheduled at no charge. Flights and all related costs of transportation to and from the hotel are NOT included in the Retreat Registration.

FOOD & BEVERAGES: Water will be provided at all times throughout the retreat classes and activities. Boxed lunches are provided on all four retreat days (we will survey preferences in advance). Snacks, beverages and cake will be served directly after the Retreat Showcase! All other meals can be purchased at T.G.I.F within the hotel or at Universal® City Walk (Bubba Gump Shrimp, Burger King, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Panda Express and many more), just a 1-mile walk or drive/Uber away.

OTHER DETAILS: Check-in at the hotel is 4:00PM on July 17th. For those staying at  a different location, please note that classes don’t begin until the following morning on July 18th. Check-out is 11:00AM on July 22nd. Guest parking is $20 a day ($20 for hotel guests overnight).


There are four full-days of classes and retreat activities, from approximately 9am to 6pm, on July 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st. All of which, takes place in the event rooms of the Holiday Inn Across From Universal® Hotel & Suites and a day trip to one of Orlando’s most famous recording studios, Stark Lake Studios! To help participants choose the best song to record (cover or original), we offer a free online review service in advance to make sure it highlights their vocal strengths and personality in an acoustic setting (piano only). The classes and activities (listed below) throughout the retreat utilize Throga’s techniques to enhance each singer’s immediate vocal performance, as well as their long-term development. After all of the training and rehearsals, participants will get to perform a group song and present their solo in a private showcase on  the last day, where they will receive direct feedback from industry professionals. After which, we will celebrate the retreat experience with new friends, photos and cake!

  • Throga Technique – Explore the 7 Dimensions of Singing and how they can be applied to your voice
  • Know Your Instrument – Remove the mysteries of the voice by learning the mechanics of vocal anatomy
  • Performance Anxieties – Understand and discover how to overcome stage fright
  • Vocal Health – Learn how to maintain your voice, recover from vocal fatigue and overall nutrition
  • Artist Development – Know your value as an artist and get tips on how to stand out as a singer and performer
  • Record A Solo – Record your voice with industry professionals at Starke Lake Studios
  • Music Business – Singers (and parents) interact with a panel of mentors to discuss how to navigate the music industry
  • Vocal Production – Discover how vocals are recorded, edited and mixed into various styles of recorded music
  • Group Warm-ups – Vocalize daily with unique and innovated vocal warm-ups
  • The Art of Auditioning – Learn how to present yourself and choose the right song for your voice at an audition
  • Performance Coaching – Get 1-on-1 guidance for your showcase performance from a Certified Instructor
  • Songwriting – Learn how to craft and fine tune a song from a #1 Billboard charting songwriter
  • Perform a Group Song – Share your voice and harmonize with the other retreat singers in your age group
  • Showcase Your Voice – Receive direct feedback from industry professionals during a live performance
  • Celebrate – Receive a Certificate of Completion and celebrate your success with an afterparty event

“Simply put, Throga retreats have been life changing. I have two daughters that have participated. Both have anxiety. Richard and his team stretch them and builds their confidence to the point of being able to perform in front of a live audience. The atmosphere is very positive and encouraging and they work with you from where you are. There is a great feeling of family. It’s an experience we will never forget and want to participate as often as we can as my girls continue to grow, every step of the way!!!”

– Donna Beck-Erickson (Parent)

“The thought of attending the Throga retreat was intimidating at first. I was the youngest, and probably one of the least experienced, among the attendees. However, the moment I walked into the room, I let go of all my fears—everybody was so warm and welcoming. They treated me as a professional— with respect and assurance of my talent and potential. It was a week full of fun and growth. I enjoyed taking the ride of learning a song all the way to recording it in a studio. But the most significant gift was the songwriting and meeting Johnny Cummings. For the past two years, we have been working together on my songs, two of which were recently released. Throga has helped me shape my career and development as a little person.”

– Eden Gross

“I have been a vocal coach for over 40 years and had the privilege of attending two Throga retreats. When I first found Richard on Facebook I was amazed at his gift in teaching it was beyond anything I had ever learned in college, so I tried it and it helped me out a abundantly as a professional singer. I started applying it in my everyday teaching and immediately saw improvement in all my kids. It was a no brainer to take my top students to work with Richard and his team of professional Throga mentors and people in the music industry you can trust!! The classes were so informative and all the kids were participating and getting involved. The recording sessions were magical and my students grew leaps and bounds with their artistic abilities. Richard has an amazing team and my studio will go again!!! He makes me a better coach!!!”

– Karen  Bradshaw (Voice Teacher)

“Throga Retreat was truly an amazing experience. Not only did I get to learn and experience new techniques, I also grew as a singer and made new friends who have a passion for music just like I do. I can’t wait for the next one!”

– Grace Ponzo

“Richard is phenomenally talented and his team is equally as impressive. Our daughter’s vocal abilities have improved immensely under Richard’s instruction and we will be forever grateful for the knowledge, experience, and connections gained through the Throga Retreat. It was way more than we ever imagined it would be! We can already see a big improvement in her stage presence and performance and cannot wait for the next one!!”

– Erica Ammons (Parent)

Riley Roth

“I had so much fun on the Throga Retreat! Not only did I learn so much about the mechanics of singing and how to keep my voice healthy, but I also learned new techniques for different ways of connecting with a song and the story it tells. I took so much away from this retreat, that I’ll carry with me always, and I was surrounded by an amazing community the whole time!”

– Riley Roth

“This retreat was sooo much fun and I learned more about singing than I ever thought I would. I can’t wait to go back again!”

– Alex Piazzapalotto

“Throga is a true family. I had no idea what to expect when my daughters (then 12 and 16) first attended. We have now been to 3 and we always learn a lot and have so much fun! My girls have had the amazing opportunity to meet other young singers and performers from around the world. They have worked with amazing mentors and industry experts that they would have never met without Throga. Plus, they both have made life long friendships. The entire Throga team is encouraging, insightful and inspiring. They provide techniques that put the children at ease and help them to understand that everyone is nervous and it’s okay!! I have watched my daughters grow in confidence as singers, performers, and as people. As a parent, I am so grateful for this encouraging and positive environment for my daughters. They get insight into all aspects of the business: performance, creative, production, etc. Plus, everyone is professional and down-to-Earth. My girls have learned the value of hard work, the need for constant practice and attention in order to grow, and the importance of proper nutrition, sleep, and overall health. I could not be happier with the entire Throga team and feel so Blessed that my girls have had, and continue to have, this unique opportunity.”

– April Sherman (Parent)

“Being apart of a Throga Retreat was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You don’t get this kind of experience everyday, and being able to fully immerse yourself in music and the process is such an amazing thing.”

– Matthew Weeks

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say attending my first Throga Retreat was one of the best decisions of my life. It helped me to find others that were passionate about music in the ways that I am.

– Areshi Rogers

“Richard Fink IV has created an environment equipped to help your technical, social, and mental needs. Attending a Throga retreat helped me build connections and a confidence I needed to find joy in my true passions.”

– Rebecca Gent

“Richard has been our son’s voice coach for several years now and we are continually amazed at what he has done to help Max develop his instrument. So when we signed him up for Throga retreat we had high expectations already…Richard and his team did not disappoint! Not only are the music professionals he employs top notch, but the experience of being in an actual recording studio is something Max will never forget. Max walked away with a complete immersive education that is unparalleled by anything I have ever seen before. This program is a game changer for those kids serious about music…the techniques he learned have helped him to become a true artist and the friendships he made are lifelong.”

– Michele Doud (Parent)

“My experience at the Throga Retreats has been life changing. Richard Fink IV and his team are not only highly knowledgeable in the fields of performance and industry, but they are also kind, welcoming individuals who are passionate to share their wisdom with aspiring singers. Throga is noteworthy in its way of embracing each and everyone’s unique voice and making sure it is heard loud and clear. This is a community constructed for growth, that I am so thankful to have been a part of. Not only have I grown as a singer, but I have grown as a person through my experiences at the retreats, which helped me gain a better understanding and awareness of myself as a musician.”

– Lauren McLean

“Lavanna really loved the retreat and so did we! It gave her the encouragement to sing better with confidence and be among other artists to sing as a group and to present their talents. We recommend all artists to participate in the retreat and parents to support them.”

– Chandra Maharjan (Parent)

“I had the amazing experience of flying from Australia to Vegas for the Throga vocal retreat. I’ve got to say my favourite moments were when we were able to get in the studio and collaborate with some crazy talented musicians and producers to pull together something that we were all proud of. At the end of the day being able to take the opportunity allowed me to further my skills in a new environment with new talent. Such a sick experience.”

– Sienna Eddie

“My daughter, Eden, attended the Throga retreat in Orlando in 2019. She had just turned 8 and, although the stage and music were a familiar setting for her, Throga took her to a whole different level. Being coached by incredible, talented and nurturing professionals like Richard, Johnny, Sam and so many more, as well as surrounded by a wonderful group of kids and teens, allowed her to reach deeper and grow. Touching on so many aspects of the business, such as vocal techniques and skills, performing, recording, projecting and songwriting, triggered her desire to express both her ‘old soul’ and her feeling different via words and music. Throga is an essential part of Eden’s (and our family’s) journey, and we are grateful for it!”

– Shirley Gross (Parent)


For purposes of maintaining an intimate environment for learning and one-on-one engagement, there is a LIMITED number of openings. Registration can be made either with, or without, hotel accommodations included*, along with multi-payment options as shown below. Room availability at the discounted rate is on a first come, first served, basis.


Description: Stay at another location in the Orlando area and transport to and from the Retreat Hotel on all four event dates.


$250 deposit

1 Payment Option
Balance due in 30 days – $1500

6 Payment Option**
6 payments every 30 days – $265


Description: Stay at the Retreat hotel in a comfortable Two Double Bed Deluxe Room with fantastic amenities, including free high-speed internet access, a 32-inch Flat Panel TV features HD channels, in-room safe and in-Room Keurig Brewing System (Sleeps up to 4).


Deluxe Double Room*
5 nights ($80/night)

$250 deposit

1 Payment Option
Balance due in 30 days – $1900

6 Payment Option**
6 payments every 30 days – $330


Description: Stay at the Retreat hotel in a spacious, condo-styled, Two Bedroom Suite, featuring separate living and sleeping areas with amenities like a sleeper sofa bed, a second 32-inch Flat Panel TV, kitchenette equipped with a microwave, in-Room Keurig Brewing System, full size refrigerator and a dishwasher (sleeps up to 8).


2-Bedroom Suite*
5 nights ($180/night)

$250 deposit

1 Payment Option
Balance due in 30 days – $2400

6 Payment Option**
6 payments every 30 days – $415

*All hotel fees and taxes are included in registration with no additional charges other than overnight parking ($10/night – normally $20) or incidentals such as room service. If you would like to arrive a few days early and/or stay longer, contact our event coordinator to discuss options and prices after you have successfully registered.

**Payments are due on the 1st of each month after initial registration date. An additional, non-refundable, processing fee is included in each payment.


  • Alysia Fink (Event Coordinator and Instructor)
  • Ami Gent (Vocal Coach)
  • Cesar De La Rosa (Artist Instructor)
  • Andrew Phan (Performance Study Instructor)
  • Johnny Cummings (Accompanist and Instructor)
  • Sam Polizzi (Producer and Instructor)

Richard Fink IV (Retreat Director and Voice Instructor) is the creator of Throga, #1 Best-Selling Author in vocal education and labeled as the “world’s leading online vocal coach” by the Wall Street Journal. Richard has taught Throga techniques to singers and speakers in over 100 countries, spanning all 7 continents, including multi-platinum selling artists, TV and film actors, political leaders, Broadway stars and singers signed to Warner Bros., Universal, Sony Music, Walt Disney, Columbia, Interscope, Atlantic, Mercury and Broken Bow, as well as featured on Disney, Nickelodeon, The Voice (USA and Australia), America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, American Idol, Yo Soy El Artista, Dancing with the Stars and many others. As a vocalist, Richard is a 3x Guinness World Record holder and award-winning singer for solo performances as Jesus (Jesus Christ Superstar) and Jean Valjean (Les Miserables). He released multiple albums as a songwriter and vocal-producer between 1991 and 2005, which led to co-writing and demoing songs for top charting artists such as Josh Groban and Michael Jackson. Other career highlights as a vocal coach include touring with Big Time Rush, adjudicating the Voice of DanceLife Unite in Australia and the Suncane Skale competition in Europe, coaching at Talent Camp at Universal Studios and speaking at JMC Academy (Berklee College of Music affiliate) in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Most notably, Richard became the first person in history to be awarded a full-utility patent on a vocal training technique with the 7 Dimensions of Singing.