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Submerse yourself in a world of singing and discovery with an unforgettable experience at the Retreat Palace, located just south of Orlando, FL. Why “360”? Because this four night weekend-retreat is designed to help you fully connect to your vocal instrument through increased awareness (mind), physical coordination (body) and self-expression (voice) by utilizing a scientific-based technique known as the 7 Dimensions of Singing. Retreat classes and activities, led by Certified Throga Instructors and industry professionals, take place in spacious living rooms, a home-theater, a large classroom and an outdoor patio with a private pool and hot tub. Plus, you have the option to bring a Guest to share your experience and enjoy the Palace for a tropical getaway. Regardless of your skill level (student or teacher), style of singing or previous experience (beginner or professional), come together to explore and challenge your skills in this fun and positive environment!

May 12-16, 2022

Orlando, Florida

Adults 21+


EDUCATION: All classes, private lessons, interactive activities, solo-studio recordings, photos, performance videos, and any related materials, are included in registration. All you need to bring is your larynx… and the body parts it’s connected to!

FOOD & BEVERAGES: All food and beverages are included in your Retreat Registration! As a general rule, we try to stick with healthy choices and survey in advance to learn of any specific allergies or diet restrictions. Some requests may result in special purchases at additional charges. Please contact us BEFORE registering if you have any questions or concerns.

ACCOMMODATIONS: In an effort to keep things as affordable and flexible as possible, Singers and their Guests are not required to stay at the Palace. Therefore, room accommodations are available at different tier pricing, based on room sizes and whether or not they share a space with another Singer. If you choose to stay with us, you will have 24 access to the grounds, Wi-Fi, a private TV and en suite bathroom w/ shower, and the convenience of being just steps away from all activities (pajamas are welcomed!), rather than having to travel back and forth from another location. If you select a private room or stay off-premises, you are welcome to bring one Guest to enjoy the Palace, private pool, food and beverages, and to see the final performance at no additional charge!

OTHER DETAILS: The Palace doors open on Thursday, May 12th, at 5PM. You will be shown to your room if staying on the premises and everyone can enjoy a relaxing evening of snacks, drinks and getting to know one another. Check out is Monday, May 16th, at 9:30AM. Transportation to and from the Retreat Palace (located in Four Corners, Florida area) is NOT included in registration. Unfortunately, the Palace is NOT a wheelchair-friendly venue, as many activities take place on the second floor with no elevator available.


Singers can participate in as few, or as many, classes and activities as they like. Guests are invited to observe most classes, enjoy the showcase, and even participate in the ones marked with an asterisk(*). Class titles and descriptions are subject to change

  • Throga Technique* – Explore the 7 Dimensions of Singing and how they can be applied to your voice
  • Know Your Instrument – Remove the mysteries of the voice by learning the mechanics of vocal anatomy
  • Performance Anxieties – Understand and discover how to overcome stage fright
  • Vocal Health* – Learn how to maintain your voice, recover from vocal fatigue and overall nutrition
  • Artist Development – Know your value as an artist learn how to stand out as a singer and performer
  • Vocal Production – Discover how vocals are recorded, edited and mixed into various styles of recorded music
  • Record A Solo – Record your voice with industry professionals in a studio environment
  • Evolution of Singing* – Explore human history and the journey of how singing came to be
  • Vocal Gym – Develop a specific routine that’s right for you and your vocal goals
  • Group Warm-ups – Vocalize daily with unique and innovated vocal warm-ups
  • Vocal Meditation* – Rest your mind with daily therapeutic breathing and laryngeal exercises
  • Vocal Coaching – Get 1-on-1 guidance for your showcase performance from a Certified Instructor
  • Morning Workout – Join our daily, low-impact workout and stretch class, designed to target a singer’s body
  • Performance Coaching – Dive into the meaning and artistic interpretations of both lyric and melody
  • Songwriting – Learn how to craft and fine tune a song from a #1 Billboard charting songwriter
  • Careers In Music – Interact with a panel of mentors to discuss various types of singing and jobs for a vocalist
  • Perform a Group Song – Share your voice and harmonize with the other retreat singers 
  • Celebrate – Receive a Certificate of Completion and celebrate your success with an afterparty event

“I think anyone would benefit from coming to a Throga Retreat. You just learn so much about yourself and make bonds with other singers that you will have forever.”

– Lilli Beehler (Michigan, USA)

“I’m absolutely loving it! It’s been the best experience. I love the diversity of people and am just embracing everything! It’s lovely.”

– Cass Sweeny (Australia)

“Everyone is so kind and understanding. I would absolutely do this again!”

– Doran Muntean (Romania)

“The people are like family here, even though coming from so many different countries. I really like the atmosphere. So positive and still constructive. I have learned to dig very deep into my emotions and how to bring it forward. The classes has helped me quite a bit, especially with my range and articulation, making me a better singer and performer. I also loved recording the song in the studio and then enjoying the company in the evenings after all the work is done with all the other singers.”

– Tim Taubman (Switzerland)

“The retreat is awesome! The mentors have so much experience and they know how to break things down for you and to help you apply all of this knowledge. I was reassured by my experience here that my voice is unique and that I can embrace that, as that’s what we are really looking for.”

– Brigitte Krahn (Paraguay)

“I’ve learned so much. Richard has so much knowledge and I’m excited to see what the Throga technique does to my voice when I practice what I’ve learned.”

– Danielle Steynvaardt (South Africa)

“I’ve never been through anything like this before. I love seeing that everyone here is so special and unique and that we can learn and help each other become what we are capable of. I am understanding more about who I am as an artist.”

– Bárbara Dias (Brazil)

“I’ve learned so much about who I am as a singer, both my strengths and weaknesses, which was the whole point in my coming here. You wont leave here without knowing the key things to work on and develop!”

– Camron Seamon (New York, USA)

“The environment here is so supportive. It’s very non-judgmental. I like that it’s not competitive, because singing doesn’t have to be competitive.”

– Cherith Reddy (India)

“I’ve had SO much fun! I learned I could actually sing in front of other people.”

– Ann Marie Ahrns (New York, USA)

“My voice really lacked in terms of confidence and range when I first started with Throga and now I can do so much with it. Learning the techniques and what’s going on with the anatomy is so helpful. My favorite part of the retreat is being able to meet other people at different levels and still feel comfortable with who I am as a singer.”

– Ryan Polly (Vermont, USA)

“Throga is my second family. I always have so much fun at these! The retreat is a magnet to the most amazing people. Everyone is so encouraging and inspiring. Every time I come I pick up more and more knowledge and become more and more confident in myself as a singer and even as a person. It’s amazing. I can’t even say enough about it!”

– Amanda Beck (Florida, USA)


For purposes of maintaining an intimate environment for learning and one-on-one engagement, there is a VERY LIMITED number of openings. Retreat Registration is broken down into 4 Tiers along with multi-payment options as shown below. You can choose from a Premium Suite (largest rooms), Private Suite or Shared Suite (Singers only – no Guests). All themed Palace Suites include a private TV and en suite bathroom, and are selected on a first-come basis during the registration process:


Premium Suites


Premium Suite
$200 / night

$2450 total

$250 deposit

1 Payment Option
Balance due in 30 days – $2200

6 Payment Option*
6 payments every 30 days – $375


Private Suites


Private Suite
$150 / night

$2250 total

$250 deposit

1 Payment Option
Balance due in 30 days – $2000

6 Payment Option*
6 payments every 30 days – $350


Shared Suites


Shared Suite
$75 / night

$1950 total

$250 deposit

1 Payment Option
Balance due in 30 days – $1700

6 Payment Option*
6 payments every 30 days – $300


Registration Only



$1650 total

$250 deposit

1 Payment Option
Balance due in 30 days – $1400

6 Payment Option*
6 payments every 30 days – $250

* 6 Payment Option: Payments for the are due on the 1st of each month after initial registration date. An additional, non-refundable, processing fee is included in each payment. If registering after December 1st, 2021, the outstanding balance must be paid by May 1st, 2022, or it will be considered a cancelation of your registration and subject to the cancelation schedule outlined in the Throga Event Agreement.


  • Alysia Fink (Event Coordinator and Instructor)
  • Kerri Hardwick (Vocal Coach)
  • Andrew Phan (Performance Study Instructor)
  • Johnny Cummings (Accompanist and Instructor)
  • Sam Polizzi (Producer and Instructor)
  • TBA (Health and Wellness Coach)

Richard Fink IV (Retreat Director and Vocal Coach) is the creator of Throga, #1 Best-Selling Author in vocal education and labeled as the “world’s leading online vocal coach” by the Wall Street Journal. Richard has taught Throga techniques to singers and speakers in over 100 countries, spanning all 7 continents, including multi-platinum selling artists, TV and film actors, political leaders, Broadway stars and singers signed to Warner Bros., Universal, Sony Music, Walt Disney, Columbia, Interscope, Atlantic, Mercury and Broken Bow, as well as featured on Disney, Nickelodeon, The Voice (USA and Australia), America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, American Idol, Yo Soy El Artista, Dancing with the Stars and many others. As a vocalist, Richard is a 3x Guinness World Record holder and award-winning singer for solo performances as Jesus (Jesus Christ Superstar) and Jean Valjean (Les Miserables). He released multiple albums as a songwriter and vocal-producer between 1991 and 2005, which led to co-writing and demoing songs for top charting artists such as Josh Groban and Michael Jackson. Other career highlights as a vocal coach include touring with Big Time Rush, adjudicating the Voice of DanceLife Unite in Australia and the Suncane Skale competition in Europe, coaching at Talent Camp at Universal Studios and speaking at JMC Academy (Berklee College of Music affiliate) in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Most notably, Richard became the first person in history to be awarded a full-utility patent on a vocal training technique with the 7 Dimensions of Singing.