Train with the mind.
Sing from the heart.

Forget hitting notes. The Vocal Gym Homeschool helps your child to hit hearts. It’s about building confidence, control, and discovering their unique voice. This is their stage to shine.

We can help your child find their voice.

Master the voice.

Develop vocal skills to tell a story in powerful new ways.

Sing the truth.

Discover how to connect with the emotions of a song and express authentically.

Find power.

Build the confidence to navigate life’s challenges, both on stage and off.

How does the Vocal Gym help?

They have to know where they are to know where they're going.

Our vocal profile comprehensively analyzes your child’s voice, so they know the things they’re great at an areas that need more attention.

Learn how the voice actually works.

With structured lessons and videos, about the mechanics of the voice, taking all the guesswork out. So they can be sure they’re improving.

Exercises built for your child.

Now that they understand how their voice works, and the specific areas they need to work on, our targeted exercises work to take them singing to new heights.

Singing isn't all about technique.

Learn how to emotionally connect to the music and how to make music right for their voice.

Celebrate your child's success.

Monitor your child’s progress through the Parent Portal, which automatically logs their hours and results.

Meet Ami.

As a devoted homeschooling mom navigating the dual challenges of education and inspiration, she found a harmonious solution in the Vocal Gym For Homeschooling course. It not only caters to her children’s unique learning styles but also enriches their artistic expressions, freeing her from the exhaustive demands of lesson planning. Through this course, she’s witnessed the blossoming of their vocal abilities, mirroring the profound impact and simplicity of mindful practice in nurturing untapped potential.

The 7 Dimensions Of Singing.

The first step in understanding the voice is understanding the 7 Dimensions of Singing. This approach simplifies vocal development, focusing on seven key areas for targeted improvement.

Cultivate agility

Flexibility focuses on the pliability of vocal folds, helping singers transition faster between notes and enhancing their overall sound.

Improve breath control

Breathing teaches effective management of air, ensuring sustained notes and phrases and improving overall vocal endurance.

Attain pitch accuracy

Intonation tackles pitch control, aiding singers in staying on key, thus reducing off-pitch instances and refining musical accuracy.

Expand vocal range

Range development expands your high and low notes, breaking through limitations and broadening your repertoire possibilities.

Enhance sound quality

Tone improvement focuses on the quality of sound, enriching vocal timbre, and clarity, making each performance more captivating.

Clarify diction

Articulation enhances diction, ensuring clear pronunciation and effective communication of lyrics, making every word count.

Increase vocal power

Strength builds vocal stability and stamina, empowering singers with robust, powerful voices that resonate with confidence.

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Automated Records/Time Keeping

150+ Carnegie Credit Hours/Year

Self-Paced & Graded Curriculum

Parent Portal & Progress Reports

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Frequently asked questions:

How can my child earn a high school Fine Arts credit with this course?

To earn a full credit for Fine Arts or elective in a single school year, a student needs to complete the main course, do several activities, and practice vocal exercises for 4-5 hours per week for a 30-week period. Alternatively, they can also stretch it out over a few years of high school if they prefer.

What exactly will my child be doing?

The course has plenty of resources for the student to engage with, including reading material, videos, interactive assessments, quizzes, activities, vocal exercises, and assignments. The progress and learning of the student will be tracked automatically, and there are also suggestions for documentaries and additional assignments available in the Homeschool Toolbox for further exploration.

Are there any additional materials to purchase?

The only requirements for the course are a computer or mobile device with internet access and the student's voice. Some of the optional activities may require a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+.

How are Quizzes graded?

There are 11 quizzes integrated into the curriculum. To ensure your child’s understanding of the material, they must get 80% correct in order to progress to the next lesson, with unlimited tries. You will have access to the Quiz Keys in the Homeschool Toolbox if they get stuck.

My child is a complete beginner. Will they actually learn how to sing with this course?

Yes, the Homeschool Vocal Gym Course is suitable for singers of all skill levels, including beginners. The exercises are designed to be customizable, ensuring that there is always a suitable level of challenge to maximize the training benefits, regardless of the student's starting point.

Do students have to be able to read music to take this course?

Although the Vocal Gym makes occasional references to music theory and notation (musical scoring), students are not required to be able to read music or have a background in music theory in to fully benefit from the program.

What age is the Homeschool Vocal Gym course best for?

The Homeschool Vocal Gym Course employs techniques that are safe and beneficial for singers of all ages, but the lessons are specifically designed for high school students between the ages of 12 and 19.

What if I have questions? Can I talk to the course instructors?

Yes, support is available. If you or your child does not have a teacher or organization for direct support, you can reach out to a Certified Throga Instructor by posting your question in the private Facebook Group or by searching and asking questions in the Help Center. If the question requires more specialized expertise, it will be immediately forwarded to one of our instructors for direct assistance.

Do I have to monitor my student's course progress?

The courses are designed to encourage interaction between you and your child for a more productive learning experience, but it is not a requirement. Regardless of your level of involvement, you will always have access to monitor your child's course progress, assignment completion, and quiz grades.

Can I use the course for more than one child?

The course is intended for individual use, and the number of hours and completed assignments are tracked in the Parent Portal. However, families with multiple children enrolled in the Homeschool Vocal Gym can receive a significant discount.

What makes the Homeschool Vocal Gym different from all the other online courses?

At the core of our mission is a strong belief that helping people embrace their voices, build self-worth, and express themselves with joy will make the world a better place. This is why we offer free vocal exercises, video tips, and personalized feedback to all members, not just paid subscribers. Our course offers unique features that are not available elsewhere, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone looking to improve their singing skills. Including:

  • Vocal Profile Assessment to monitor and measure progress
  • The patented 7 Dimensions of Singing to accurately identify skill levels
  • Customizable exercises that truly assist ALL singers in ANY style of singing
  • Auto-tracking system that journals practice time towards weekly goals and high school credit
  • Interaction with Certified Throga Instructors - you are never alone in your journey!

Are there any homeschool co-op licences or academic discounts available?

Homeschool co-op licenses and group discounts for academic organizations are available upon request. Exclusive live webinars with a Certified Throga Instructor are also available to co-op members. Please visit the Homeschool Co-Op page for details.

Meet the team.