Kids singing and playing instruments

7 Benefits of Singing at Home

7 Benefits of Singing at Home: How to Encourage Your Child to Sing Are you looking for a fun and meaningful way to engage your children at home? Look no further than singing! Not only is it a fun and expressive activity for all ages, but it also offers numerous benefits for your children’s mental…

Benefits of Incorporating Singing and Music Into Your Life

Benefits of Incorporating Singing and Music Into Your Life Music and singing play an essential role in development, believe it or not. We often incorporate music into everyday activities and experiences to enhance them. Many parents like to encourage a love of music for their children and engage them in fun things that involve music…

woman singing into a microphone

Sing, But Don’t Oversing

Sing, But Don’t Oversing What is oversinging? The term oversinging is widely used, but can have many interpretations. Generally, these interpretations fall into two categories, which I will call ‘vocal oversinging’ and ‘stylistic oversinging.’ Vocal Oversinging produces a tone that is pressed, pinched, strained or constricted. In extreme cases, it sounds like it hurts (and…

Manny Cabo, Richard Fink IV, Mojo For Musicians Podcast

Mojo For Musicians Podcast

Manny Cabo’s Podcast Mojo For Musicians is an incredible resource for artists, rich with strategies and unfiltered advice from industry professionals from EVERY angle. I got to be a guest on Epidode #6, “When The Voice Vanishes”. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.