Target Range

Component Breakdown

Use the following components as a guide to create/modify an exercise when targeting range. To practice, select the appropriate pattern in the Pattern Vault.

Formant: Open / Multiple / Zz
Either an open formant, a combination of several formants, or a Zz will challenge the coordination needed to balance and regulate intended pitches throughout the entire range.

Features are generally not needed to target the dimension of range.

Complicated / Large Intervals
The greater the distance is between intervals, the more range will be targeted within the exercise, as this will require the folds to stretch more and increase the number of times you are likely to transition between registers.

Loud / Swell
Range can be targeted with additional air pressure (louder), or intentional modifications of air pressure (swell), making it difficult to stabilize pitches and/or work through the passaggio.

The slower the tempo is, the more challenging it will be to maintain a balanced sound, especially in between registers.

Head Circles / Lay Down / Stretch / Lower Larynx
Small head circles, laying down, full body stretches and even lowering your larynx are all different ways to relax specific groups of muscles while developing a functional range.


Number the correct order of the range component examples below, according to the exercise formula:

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