Target Intonation

Component Breakdown

Use the following components as a guide to create/modify an exercise when targeting intonation. To practice, select the appropriate pattern in the Pattern Vault.

Open / Zz
Similar to breathing, Zz and open formants target and challenge the control over pitches.

H / G / K
Minimizing the usage of features will make it more challenging to vibrate the folds at a constant speed to create intentional pitches.

The wider and more varied the distances are between the intervals, the more challenging it will be in targeting intonation.

Medium / Loud
Additional air pressure needed to generate loud volumes will make it more difficult for the folds to navigate pitches.

The faster the Tempo, the more the exercise targets intonation. The act of having to adjust from one speed of vibration to another makes maintaining accurate intonation more challenging.

Cardio / Tongue Forward
Multi-tasking a form of cardio during an exercise will make it more difficult to achieve intended pitches due to the increased difficulty of managing air flow. Bringing the tongue forward in a relaxed position will discourage it from adjusting the airflow and affecting pitches.


Number the correct order of the intonation components below, according to the exercise formula:

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