Target Breathing

Component Breakdown

Use the following components as a guide to create/modify an exercise when targeting breathing. To practice, select the appropriate pattern in the Pattern Vault.


Formant: Open / Zz
Open formants (Ie: Ah, Ay, Oh) have less resistance to air above the folds, making it more challenging to manage breathing. Zz is also beneficial due to the unique hissing quality over the pitch, allowing you to monitor how the air is being spent.

In general, most features (consonants) can be avoided when developing breathing, as they disrupt the air flow. However, an H is a fantastic feature for breathing because it takes place inside the larynx, rather than with the articulators.

The more complex the pitch pattern is, the more challenging it can become for management of breath.

Quiet / Loud
Very quiet and very loud volumes require more breath control. The use of swells that increase in volume (crescendos) or decrease in volume (diminuendos) require even greater coordination of breathing.

The slower an exercise is, the more challenging it is to regulate air.

Cardio / Lay Down
Any cardio-based movement (jumping jacks, stair climbing or jogging) will immediately challenge breathing due to the body’s demand to regulate oxygen while vocalizing. Laying down is another option, which will help to monitor your breath as you work through the exercise.


Number the correct order of the breathing components below, according to the exercise formula:

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