Target Articulation

Component Breakdown

Use the following components as a guide to create/modify an exercise when targeting articulation. To practice, select the appropriate pattern in the Pattern Vault.

Lip Trill / Tongue Roll / Multiple
Multiple formants are ideal for targeting articulation, as they will require a lot of coordination of the tongue, jaw and lip articulators.

The use of multiple features makes the muscle movements for articulation more complex (and thus more beneficial).

Complicated / Large Intervals
The pattern component will have a minimal affect on articulation. However, complex patterns, combined with the right components, can help to develop more independence between the muscles used for intonation and articulation.

Medium / Loud
The louder the volume is, the greater the challenge it is to adjust the articulators. This is due to the tongue, lip and jaw muscles engaging in an attempt to compensate for any imbalances with air pressure or intended pitches.

A fast tempo will challenge the clarity of your diction and target the articulatory muscles.

Tongue Forward
Having the tongue forward, if the selected features allow, will challenge several dimensions.


Number the correct order of the articulation component examples below, according to the exercise formula:

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