Student Q & A

Why does my voice hurt after singing?

Answer: The vocal instrument is made up of living tissue and muscle, therefore it can get tired, fatigued and worn down after a long day. However, you should be able to have several hours of speaking and singing a day without hurting afterwards. Make sure you spend enough time warming up, drink enough water, make sure you’re relaxed when singing and enjoy the process. If your voice hurts for a prolonged period of time, see a professional.

How can I get through my performance without fatiguing?

Answer: Spending quality time on strength based exercise will increase your vocal strength and stamina. In addition to that, make sure to warm up properly before a performance and cool down afterwards. You also want to take care of your instrument’s health in general: get enough rest, give it the nutrients it needs and drink lots of water.

Why can’t I sing the same note at different volumes?

Answer: Producing different pitches at different volumes requires a balance of air pressure and tension of the vocal folds. Doing range and strength based exercises will help develop this coordination to give you more dynamic choices when singing.

Why can’t I hold out a pitch for a long time?

Answer: Sustaining a pitch for a long time requires a balance of airflow, strength and stability of the vocal folds and the muscles attached to them. Strength based exercises will challenge and develop the coordination that you need to sustain notes on different volumes and formants.

Will strength exercises help me sing rock songs?

Answer: Any type of intentionally imbalanced singing requires vocal strength in order to minimize fatigue. When not singing in this style it’s important to maintain a healthy instrument and surround these moments of imbalanced singing with balanced vocalizing. Continue to vocalize daily, work on all the dimensions, putting an emphasis on strength based exercises.

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