Student Q & A

Why do I have to start with flexibility exercises?

Answer: Like with any other physical activity, stretching and loosening the muscles associated with singing will allow for more responsive and consistent results. Flexibility based exercises will target the vocal folds and allow for more efficient training and help improve the overall quality of your voice.

How long do I have to warmup for?

Answer: The duration of a warm up is different for everyone, but you want to start with 5-10 minutes of flexibility exercises to get a feel for the responsiveness of your vocal folds. Then introduce other dimensions for another 15-20 minutes. Generally speaking: the longer the performance – the shorter the warm up, and vice versa.

Will flexibility exercises help with singing riffs?

Answer: Riffs are fast paced series of notes, so it’s important for your vocal folds to quickly adjust from one speed of vibration to another. Doing a variety of flexibility exercises will contribute to the agility and responsiveness of your vocal folds and improve your skills to define and execute these patterns with ease .

How will flexibility help me expand my range?

Answer: Your vocal range requires your vocal folds to change their mass, stretch out and vibrate at various speeds. Flexibility exercises will help develop pliability and responsiveness of your vocal folds which are essential to your range.

What do I do if I lose my voice?

Answer: The loss of voice is usually due to friction of the vocal folds which causes them to swell and restricts them from stretching and vibrating freely. The steps to recovery include the focus on the overall health of your instrument: getting adequate sleep, vocal rest and staying hydrated. Flexibility based exercises done at a low volume can also aid the recovery process. If you experience pain or loss of voice for a prolonged time it’s time to see a specialist.

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