Start Your Training

Now that you have been properly introduced to the 7 Dimensions of Singing and have a strong understanding of what the Vocal Gym is all about, it’s time to start training your voice! In the upcoming lessons, we will take a deeper dive into each of the vocal dimensions with highly specialized vocal exercises and related lessons and activities.

If you’re excited to start vocalizing right away, this is also a good time to pause the lessons and start exploring your voice with the other courses included in your Vocal Gym membership. Here’s a reminder of what they are:

Beyond the Gym

The Beyond The Gym course has over 100 customizable guided vocal exercises, and exclusive vocal tip videos on vocal health, performance, and much more!

Pattern Vault

To build custom exercises, or further modify the exercises featured in the course, visit the Pattern Vault as a resource with 350+ downloadable MP3s.

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