Performance Introduction

This section of your vocal lesson is dedicated to bridging the gap between technique and artistry, focusing on the application of your skills and the emotional expression within your performances. Here, you are invited to explore a variety of performance lessons broken down into three sections:

  • Vocal Health: This topic underscores the critical role of maintaining a healthy voice, which serves as your primary instrument.
    Pro tip: Ensure quality sleep, stay well-hydrated, and always begin with a proper warm-up.
  • Repertoire: Addresses the significance of selecting songs that align with your vocal abilities and personal style, enhancing your performance.
    Pro tip: Start with a song you love that’s in a comfortable range, then make it uniquely yours.
  • Song Delivery: Focuses on techniques to improve how you present a song during performances or rehearsals, aiming to deepen audience engagement.
    Pro tip: Grasp the true meaning of the song for yourself, beyond merely replicating another artist’s rendition.

By integrating these performance related lessons into your practice, you’ll not only develop a robust set of performance skills but also a nuanced understanding of how to communicate your artistic vision effectively. Each lesson is designed to challenge you in different ways, encouraging continuous growth and exploration in your journey as a vocalist.

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