Introduction Assignment

When you first joined the Vocal Gym, you generated your very own vocal diagnostic profile. Now that you are more familiar with Throga’s techniques, you are about to begin a very exciting journey in your vocal development! To begin, take a moment to really connect with your initial vocal profile.

Below is an interactive graph of a vocal diagnostic web. To the best of your memory, click and drag the corner of each dimension to match the same look and percentages of your initial vocal profile result. When you think you have it, click the submit button to share it with your parent/teacher. If you don’t recall your initial assessment results, feel free to review the Your Vocal Progress page.

F Flexibility B Breathing I Intonation R Range T Tone A Articulation S Strength
By reconstructing your assessment above, you will have a more intimate connection to your vocal diagnostic profile. It’s like an evolving fingerprint: it is uniquely you and should be celebrated before you take the journey!
To complete this assignment, click the “SAVE” button above to archive your response in order to unlock the next lesson.

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