Exercise & Customization

Strength Exercise: Dynamic Swells

This exercise requires a great deal of coordination and stability of the muscles directly attached to the larynx, which makes it perfect for developing strength.

Component Breakdown

Intentionally adjusting the articulators throughout the exercise challenges the coordination of muscles related to articulation, range, tone and strength. This is due to the constant shifting of back pressure.

The consonants needed to define each number-word primarily targets articulation.

Having the folds vibrate at a constant rate throughout the exercise requires strength, as well as stability of the muscles attached to the vocal folds and larynx.

Deliberately increasing and decreasing air pressure under the folds in order to adjust the volume of the exercise demands a great deal of coordination, targeting the dimension of breathing and strength.

Maintaining long durations while having to adjust to different degrees of air pressure focuses on the dimensions of strength and breathing.

No variable has been added to this exercise.

Guided Exercise

Exercise Components

Formant: Multi  |  Feature: Multi  |  Pattern: S1  |  Volume: Swell  |  Tempo: Slow  |  Variable: N/A

Follow along with the Guided Exercise video above before practicing with the MP3 below. Be sure to apply the Guidelines when training, and practice along with the Guided Exercise video above as needed.

Exercise Customization

The following modified exercise components will help you customize an exercise that is right for you.

Make It Easier

To make the exercise easier, try the following modifications:

 Mid or Fast (MP3s below)
Slowing the tempo down will make it easier to manage your breathing, and will reduce the stamina required to do the original version of the exercise.

 Ee or Ah and feature to M
Simplifying the movement of the articulatory muscles and adding some additional back pressure will reduce the level of difficulty in the exercise.

Make It More Challenging

To make the exercise more challenging, try the following modifications:

 Lay down
A dramatic shift in posture, such as laying down, will raise your awareness in your breath management and help you identify the adjustments needed to further develop and balance the strength of your voice.

Demanding an increase of oxygen exchange during any cardio-activity creates a challenge in balancing breath control and stability of the folds required to maintain the intended pitch.

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