Exercise & Customization

Articulation Exercise: Alphabet Shuffle

The rapid rotation of formants and features mixed into this exercise targets the articulator muscles, making it ideal for challenging articulation.

Component Breakdown

Multiple formants primarily address the dimension of articulation, and also benefits range, tone and strength due to the articulators having to move and transition between all of the vowels.

Rotating through a variety of features requires agility and coordination of the articulatory muscles, making this a great exercise for targeting articulation.

The repetition of this simple pattern challenges the accuracy of the pitches, particularly in the second half of the exercise. This challenges both intonation and articulation.

A comfortable speech-level volume addresses all of the dimensions evenly.

The first half of the exercise being slower helps define and practice the formant/feature combination on the intended pitches. The second half of the exercise doubles in speed, which is great for developing intonation and articulation.

No variable has been added to this exercise.

Guided Exercise

Exercise Components

Formant: Ay/Ee/Ah/Oh/Oo  |  Feature: Multi  |  Pattern: I12345432123454321  |  Volume: Medium  |  Tempo: Slow/Fast  |  Variable: N/A

Follow along with the Guided Exercise video above before practicing with the MP3 below. Be sure to apply the Guidelines when training, and practice along with the Guided Exercise video above as needed.

Exercise Customization

The following modified exercise components will help you customize an exercise that is right for you.

Make It Easier

To make the exercise easier, try the following modifications:

Tempo: Slow (MP3 below)
Slowing the overall speed of this pattern will make it a little easier to coordinate articulation, as it allows more time to adjust to the formant/feature combinations.

 Ee/Ah or Oh/Oo
Simplifying the formant will reduce the focus on articulation slightly as you work towards the full version of the exercise.

Make It More Challenging

To make the exercise more challenging, try the following modifications:

The increase of volume means more air pressure will be placed under the folds, creating a challenge to maintain an independence between the muscles inside the larynx and the articulators above it.

 D/T, B/P or G/K
Working with select combinations of features that require subtle, yet specific, adjustments will further challenge and develop the dimension of articulation.

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