18th Assignment


Tone Experiment

GOAL: Singing with a tone quality that you enjoy is wonderful, but being able to communicate the emotional intention (feeling tone) of a song is even more important when connecting with your audience. Follow the steps below to challenge your tonal skills! Once completed, be sure to check all 10 tones to save and then share it with your parent/teacher.


2. Give your participant (parent or teacher) a list of ten emotions to consider: Sad, Happy, Frustrated, Bored, Angry, Tired, Disgusted, Surprised, Afraid, and In Love.
3. Choose one of the emotions, but don’t let your participant know which one!
4. Turn away from the participant (so they can’t see your facial expressions) and sing your chosen song with your chosen emotion, using the same lyrics, melody, tempo, and key center as you would normally sing the song.
5. Have the participant call out the emotion they feel you are intending in your performance as soon as they have determined it.
6. If they have guessed correctly, repeat the exercise by selecting a different emotion and performing it with that intent. Remember, it is important to use the same lyrics, melody, tempo, and key center!
7. If they have guessed incorrectly, try the performance again while exploring new and different ways to express the intended emotion via your tone quality.
To complete this assignment, click the “SAVE” button above to archive your response in order to unlock the next lesson.

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