Richard and Johnny often reference movies during their reaction videos. Which video has the greatest number of movies mentioned? To enter the contest, go to our Vocal Coach & Songwriter React Playlist on YouTube to find the answer, then submit your answers using the button below!

PRIZE: One winner will be randomly selected from all of the participants who submitted the correct answer. The winner and a guest will get to select any song from any artist and join Richard and Johnny while they film the reaction video.

  • HINT #1: The answer is not a BTS or BTS-member related video
  • HINT #2: The highest number of movies referenced in a single reaction video is 6
  • HINT #3: There are two reaction videos with 6 movies mentioned, so as soon as you find one of them, submit your answer before the contest ends!

This contest is now closed to submissions. You will be notified of our next contest in mid-December. Thank you!