How much do private voice lessons cost?

The cost of voice lessons varies greatly due to the teacher’s level of experience, geographical location, and availability. To see the current rate of lessons, go to the Private Lessons page and click on the “Book Now” button under the teacher’s name. For Richard Fink IV’s lesson rate, please enquire using the form below and we are happy to share his current rate and general availability. 

I’m already taking the Vocal Gym course, do I need private lessons too?

Taking both private lessons and the Vocal Gym course will no doubt accelerate your vocal progress. However, your decision to do so really depends on your personal goals. The biggest advantage to having both simultaneously is that you can work on your vocal technique at your own pace within the course (monitored by your teacher for guidance and feedback) and then utilize your time in a private lesson to focus on style and performance. We recommend trying a single lesson with an available Certified Instructor to get a feel for an online lesson and receiving direct feedback on your voice, then you can make an educated decision on what the best course of action is right for you to reach your short- and long-term goals!

Will voice lessons change my singing style?

No. The method we teach will help you cultivate whatever style you are passionate about singing. This includes every genre imaginable, like Pop, Country, Musical Theater, Classical, R&B, Jazz, Folk, Grunge, Rock, Metal and the hundreds of sub-genres related to them. Throga and the 7 Dimensions of Singing are designed to develop a singer’s instrument through isometric exercises and coordination to reach your full potential. The greater your vocal skills become, the easier it will be to express yourself in your own unique style!

What happens during a private online singing lesson?

Every lesson is individually tailored towards a students’ goals and needs. That said, a first lesson generally consists of a brief introduction and opportunity to discuss any specific questions you may have. Afterwards, voice lessons are often divided into two parts: vocal exercises (warm-ups) and songs (performance). Regardless of what you are working on, your teacher is always listening, evaluating and eager to help you find the best path for your voice and artistic expression. However, what happens outside of the lesson is even more important. The time you spend applying what you’ve learned, challenging yourself and singing often is essential to your growth!

Why should I consider online voice lessons instead of in-person?

Not only are online voice lessons popular for both teachers and students because of their convenience and cost-effectiveness (no travel related expenses), they also provide students access to top voice teachers and vocal coaches across the globe. With a number of Certified Instructors to choose from, you can book lessons to fit your schedule in between other activities from home or work. It’s also important to point out that the only access a voice teacher has to a student’s instrument is through verbal communication. Unlike a piano or guitar lesson, a teacher can not reach over to help the student hold a finger down or tune a string. In this respect, online lessons are the same as in-person.

Who should take online voice lessons?

Online singing lessons are ideal for anyone seeking guidance about their voice. Private lessons can be used to explore and develop a singing style, overcome performance anxiety, prepare for an audition, learn about vocal health and maintenance, create a vocal regimen, increase vocal range, improve breathing techniques, and much more. Whether you are just curious about singing or looking to maintain your instrument for a word tour, online voice lessons with a quality vocal coach can help!

What if I’m a complete beginner? Will online voice lessons work for me?

Absolutely! If you haven’t had the opportunity to sing on stage yet, struggle with some fundamentals of singing, or maybe just are not confident enough to share your voice with others, private lessons will help you in reaching personal goals as a vocalist.

Are there any opportunities to perform as a private student?

Yes! There are both online and in-person opportunities. Beyond The Gym members are invited to participate in monthly live events online, where they can interact with other members and ask Certified Throga Instructors for feedback on your training AND singing. We also encourage you to share your recorded singing videos on the Facebook Group with the Vocal Gym community. In-person performance opportunities include Throga Retreats, studio recording (at Throga Records) and convention style events at various locations (these events are currently paused due to COVID traveling and performance restrictions).

Do students have to be a certain age for lessons with Throga’s Certified Instructors?

Most of our teachers work with ages 9 and up. The reason for this is that online communication requires a relatively good attention span for optimum results. Although exceptions can be made for more experienced children and focused personalities, children learn best through play, which can be challenging at times when physically separated. Otherwise, there are no restrictions in terms of age, style or skill level!

Am I too old to learn how to sing?

It’s never too late to learn how to sing! Singing is a wonderful way to keep the mind active and the body responsive through artistic expression and physical challenges that improve breathing, communication skills and so much more. We have students and Vocal Gym members who are in their 80s and even 90s.

Are online voice lessons expensive?

Not at all! The average cost of “local” singing lessons in the United States is $60 per hour–the same rate at which our lessons start. However, all of our teachers are certified with years of singing and teaching experience that goes beyond the typical teacher in the community. Plus, online lessons don’t come with transportation costs or wasted commute time! We also offer an online Vocal Gym course at just $33 per month with an annual subscription, allowing you to learn at your own pace within an affordable budget.

Do you offer any discounts or lesson packages?

Yes. Several of our teachers offer five and 10 lesson discount packages. Visit the Private Lesson page for details.

Do you offer any free voice lessons?

We do not offer private voice lessons for free. However, we have several free options available to help you improve your singing and get you started towards your goals right away! Take the Vocal Profile Assessment to gain access to the Vocal Gym Basic, which includes seven fully guided exercises. We also have a Facebook Group for direct feedback from Certified Throga Instructors on your singing and a ton of free vocal tip articles in the Vocal Blog and videos on our YouTube channel.

What kind of equipment do I need to get started?

All you need to get started is:

  1. A smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  2. An internet connection
  3. A fairly quiet space to speak and sing in, whether home, office or car 
  4. An account with Zoom, Skype or FaceTime

An external microphone and/or headphones designed for singing is optional.

Do I need a high-speed internet connection for online voice lessons to work?

Singing lessons will work with your regular home internet connection for standard video conferencing with Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Do I have to prepare anything for my first lesson?

Your teacher will connect with you through the Vocal Gym dashboard prior to a scheduled lesson to discuss any specific needs. If there is a specific song or audition you need to work on right away, be sure to let your teacher know in advance.

Do I have to be able to play piano or guitar to take voice lessons?

Not at all. Although being able to accompany yourself while vocalizing and singing can enhance your experience, it is not necessary in order to improve your singing abilities.

Can private voice lessons expand my vocal range?

Yes! Improving vocal range is a very common request among singers and is one of the 7 Dimensions of Singing you will learn about. Your teacher can provide you with several techniques–mental and physical–to help you reach a balanced voice with a comfortable range with which to sing!

I am afraid of singing in front of people, will private voice lessons help?

Private lessons are a fantastic way to take that first step towards overcoming stage fright. Improving your skills with specialized vocal exercises will help to build confidence. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to practice performing songs during your lesson time to get positive and constructive feedback to help bring your singing to the next level in a safe and encouraging environment.

Can I record a private voice lesson?

Yes, please do! There are many benefits to recording your private voice lesson, including not having to write everything down to remember your teacher’s feedback and tips, being able to listen back to your vocal progress and helping you practice along with any new exercises.

Can I start with just one lesson? Or do I have to commit to several?

Our teachers are here for YOU! Whether you want to set up a single lesson to start, commit to a consistent schedule or book individual sessions at your convenience from our online booking system is completely up to you.

How often should I take lessons?

Yes! We have both online and in-person opportunities to perform and share your voice. Beyond The Gym course members are invited to participate in monthly live events online, where they can interact with other members and ask Certified Throga Instructors for direct feedback. We also encourage you to share your recorded singing videos on our private Facebook Group with the Vocal Gym community. In-person performance opportunities include Throga Retreats, studio recording at Throga Records and convention-style events at various locations (no in-person events are currently scheduled, due to COVID traveling and performance restrictions).

What is your cancellation policy?

All scheduled lessons must be canceled with at least 24 hours advance notice, or the lesson is still to be paid in full. If there is at least 24 hours’ notice, lessons can be canceled at no charge or rescheduled if already paid. Refunds are not offered. Out of fairness and integrity to teachers and other students, please note that we can not make exceptions to this policy. To cancel or reschedule a lesson, email your teacher directly or let us know by using the form below.

How do I reschedule a private lesson?

You can reschedule a lesson as long as it is at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time. If the lesson is already paid for, the payment will be automatically credited to the new lesson time. To do so, you can email your teacher directly or contact us using the form below.

Do I have to audition to take online voice lessons?

Never! Singing lessons are available to anyone interested in improving their voice, no matter their age, style or skill level. Finding the right teacher for you and your goals is essential to reaching your goals. This is why you get to choose the teacher you feel the most comfortable learning from (pending availability), based on a teacher’s musical background, experience and personality.

How do I know which Certified Throga Instructor is best for me?

Every voice teacher, like every singer, has unique vocal qualities, backgrounds and personalities. We are pleased to introduce several teachers from around the world that have studied Throga’s techniques in-depth and have learned how to implement them into their own teaching style. Explore their personal biographies, teaching rates and availability on the Private Lesson page to find the instructor that is best for you!

I'm ready! How do I book a private voice lesson?

To book a lesson, simply go to the Private Lesson page to select a teacher that best suits you. Then follow the instructions to book your first lesson. 

How do I pay for recurring lessons?

If you have recurring voice lessons set up (weekly or bi-weekly), you will receive an email reminder with a direct payment link 24 hours before every scheduled lesson.

Can I become a Throga Certified Instructor?

If you are seeking to improve your own voice, expand teaching techniques, learn new exercises and grow your own business, this may be the program for you! To become a Certified Throga Instructor, a teacher must have gone through intensive vocal training and be tested on their knowledge of how the vocal instrument works and how to apply Throga techniques. To learn more about the program’s prerequisites, training process, and fees, please contact us by using the form below.