How do I navigate a course?

Upon entering a course, you will be automatically directed to whichever lesson you left off. To jump to a specific lesson (if available), you can click the “in progress” video link directly from the dashboard or use the curriculum view (sidebar in desktop or dropdown menu in mobile). When viewing the curriculum:

  • Grey outlined buttons are lessons to be completed
  • A purple outlined button is the lesson you are viewing
  • Orange outlined buttons with a checkmark are completed lessons

All Vocal Gym courses (including Advance and Homeschool) are set up in a progressive format, which means that you must complete the lesson, quiz or assignment in the order they are presented. However, resource courses such as Training, Pattern Vault, and Glossary are free-form, allowing you to jump to any lesson or exercise, with no obligation to mark them as “complete”.

How do I complete a lesson?

After viewing all the content of a lesson page, including text, videos, MP3s and diagrams, select the orange “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the page. You will then be automatically taken to the next lesson, quiz or assignment listed in the curriculum.

How do I complete a quiz?

In order to unlock the next lesson, you must get at least 80% of the answers correct. If you’re unsure of an answer, you have the option to skip it by clicking on the numbers above the question and returning to it at the end of the quiz. Additionally, you are welcome to go back and study previous lessons and retake the quiz as often as you need. To answer a question, follow these steps:

  1. Select the answer you believe to be correct
  2. Click the “Check” button to verify your answer
  3. Click the “Next” button to move to the next question

How do I complete an activity inside of a lesson?

There are a variety of activities to explore within the lesson pages. In-course activities are viewable by your teacher/parent and will have fields or selections that must be completed before moving to the next lesson. For out of course activities, such as performing a specific task, follow the instructions provided before marking the lesson as complete.

How do I complete a course assignment?

Depending on which course you are taking, there are three types of assignments. Note that any in-course forms or uploaded materials (such as PDFs, MP3s, or video files) will be viewable by any teacher and/or parent (organization) you are associated with: 

  • In-course form: Fill in all fields, click “SAVE”, and then mark the lesson as complete 
  • Downloadable PDF: Print the PDF and follow the instructions before marking it complete
  • Out of course: Follow the instructions presented and then mark the lesson as complete

How do I adjust the lesson video settings inside the course?

You can adjust the following settings on lesson videos:

  • Play Icon – Starts and pauses the video (be sure to complete the entire video in order to move on to the next lesson)
  • Slide Icon – Click and drag to repeat any section within the video (do not skip to the end to “complete” the video or it won’t count towards your weekly goals)
  • Volume Icon – Click to adjust the volume setting manually
  • CC Icon – If the video your viewing has a Closed Caption option, this icon will appear next to the volume settings and can be used to read the dialog from the corresponding video
  • Gear Icon – Allows you to select the quality of video (highest setting is recommended unless having difficulty with your internet connection)
  • Expand Icon – Click to have the video lesson expand to full screen view

How do I download lesson content?

There are two ways to download content:

  • PDF – To download a PDF from a lesson page, click on the “download” icon in the bottom bar of the PDF displayed
  • MP3 – To download a practice track (MP3) in the Pattern Vault, click on the “download” button attached to the audio player (Reminder: practicing with a downloaded file will not be automatically included towards your weekly goals)

What if I have a question about a specific lesson?

To submit a question or comment about a particular lesson, scroll down to the bottom of the lesson page to the “Post a question or comment” section. There, you can post a private message directly to your teacher, parent or support for feedback. You will receive a notification when someone responds to you, which will be viewable both on the lesson page and in the messages section.

How do I use the Pattern Vault?

The Pattern Vault is a free resource of practice patterns (MP3s) included with your Vocal Gym Course subscription. Use any of the tracks to build custom exercises or modify the exercises featured within the course for practice. If you play a track while logged into the Vocal Gym (not downloaded), it will automatically count towards your weekly goals.

  1. Go to My Courses to open the Pattern Vault
  2. Select the type of pattern you want to play (single note, glissando, scale or mix) 
  3. Select the specific pattern and tempo you want to play 

How do I use the Glossary?

The Glossary is a free resource of voice-related words and anatomical images included with your Vocal Gym Course subscription. You can access the Glossary by clicking on My Courses or the Glossary button (A-Z Icon) in the upper right corner of any lesson page. From there, select the word or phrase you are looking for to reveal its pronunciation and description.

How do I get my certificate for completing the Vocal Gym Course?

You will automatically receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion on the final lesson page of the Vocal Gym Course. Once awarded, you can retrieve the certificate at any time by clicking on the completed course from the My Courses page.

[PARENT] Is there a course guide to help plan when and how often my child should be doing the course?

Since the course is completely self-paced, we recommend setting your weekly goal (upper right of the student dashboard) to 180 minutes. This will track all videos, quizzes, and MP3s automatically. In addition, do 1 of the optional artist/musical assignments each week (built into the course). This will add up to 120 hours in just 30 weeks’ time (if you want to go that fast). You can also add non-vocal gym activities, but still music-related, in her progress report (linked in the Parent Portal). Please keep in mind that it is highly encouraged to go to the Beyond The Gym section to practice vocal exercises often! It is not necessary to complete the Vocal Gym Course first – mix it up!

We have also partnered with Homeschool Planet which offers a flexible breakdown and planning guide for the “Vocal Gym For Homeschool” course for just $12.95: