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How do I navigate a course?
How do I complete a lesson?
How do I complete a quiz?
How do I complete an activity inside of a lesson?
How do I complete a course assignment?
How do I adjust the lesson video settings inside the course?
How do I download lesson content?
What if I have a question about a specific lesson?
How do I use the Pattern Vault?
How do I use the Glossary?
How do I get my certificate for completing the Vocal Gym Course?
PARENT Is there a course guide to help plan when and how often my child should be doing the course?
How do I sign in and out of the Vocal Gym dashboard?
I'm signed in. Why can't I access any courses?
Can I retake my Vocal Profile Assessment?
How do I subscribe to a course?
How do I earn badges on my profile?
How do I switch from one dashboard view to another (student/teacher/parent)?
STUDENT How do I join an organization (teacher/school)?
STUDENT How do I join a group within an organization?
STUDENT What is my weekly goal and how do I reach it?
STUDENT How do I change my weekly goal?
STUDENT How do I complete an assignment?
STUDENT How do I book a private online voice lesson with a Certified Throga Instructor?
STUDENT How do I contact my teacher?
STUDENT Can I share my singing with other Vocal Gym members?
PARENT How can I see my child’s progress?
PARENT How do I use the Parent Portal?
PARENT How do I book a private voice lesson for my child?
TEACHER How do I create an organization?
TEACHER How do I add a student to my organization?
TEACHER How do I create a group within my organization?
TEACHER How do I add a student to my group?
TEACHER How do I send and respond to assignments?
TEACHER How can I see my student’s progress?
How do I join the Vocal Gym Newsletter?
What is the Vocal Gym? Is it a course?
What courses do you offer?
I’m already taking private lessons, do I need the course too?
I’m a complete beginner. Will I actually learn how to sing with this course?
What age is the Vocal Gym course best for?
Can I download lessons from any of the courses?
Is there a mobile app for the online singing courses?
What if I have questions during the course? Can I talk to the instructors?
Do you have a trial membership for any of the online courses for singers?
Will I really notice a difference in my singing just by taking the online course?
What if I can’t get to the course every day? Will my singing still improve?
What makes the Vocal Gym different from all the other online singing courses?
How long does it take to complete a course?
If I complete a course, can I re-watch the videos and retake the quizzes and assignments again in the future?
How much are the online singing courses?
How quickly can I expect to see results?
Will I receive a certification for completing the Vocal Gym Course?
If I get the homeschool course for my child, do I have to monitor their course curriculum?
Do you offer homeschool co-op or academic discounts?
How much do private voice lessons cost?
I’m already taking the Vocal Gym course, should I take private lessons too?
Will voice lessons change my singing style?
What happens during a private online singing lesson?
Are online voice lessons as good as in-person?
Who should take online voice lessons?
What if I’m a complete beginner? Will online voice lessons work for me?
Do students have to be a certain age for lessons with Throga’s Certified Instructors?
Am I too old to learn how to sing?
Are online voice lessons expensive?
Do you offer any discounts or lesson packages?
Do you offer any free voice lessons?
What kind of equipment do I need to get started?
Do I have to prepare anything for my first lesson?
Can private voice lessons expand my vocal range?
I am afraid of singing in front of people, will private voice lessons help?
Can I record a private voice lesson?
Can I start with just one lesson? Or do I have to commit to several?
What is your cancellation policy?
How do I reschedule a private lesson?
Do I have to audition to take online voice lessons?
I'm ready! How do I book a private voice lesson?
How do I pay for recurring lessons?
What is the Throga Technique?
What is the Vocal Gym?
What are the 7 Dimensions of Singing?
How does science help me sing better?
Will Throga Technique change my singing style?
Is Throga only for professional singers?
Is it true that you have to have natural talent in order to sing well?
Is there any proof that the Throga Technique actually works?

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