Jorge Sanchez is from Huaraz, Peru. Since he was a child, he loved to sing and listen to the sound of music; but was too shy to try to take music or singing lessons. He moved to the United States at the age of 15 and proceeded to follow a career in Civil Engineering. Eventually, the “what if” feeling became overwhelming and Jorge started doing his own research on the voice and singing, which led him to finally take singing lessons and to take his voice to the next level.

Over the years, Jorge has studied over 30 different programs and explored vocal techniques developed by various vocal coaches including Brett Manning, Jesse Nemitz, Eric Frey, Seth Riggs, Jeannie Deva, Anne Peckham, Elisabeth Howard, Roger Love, Carol Fleming, Ava Tracht Landman, Melissa Cross, Jaime Vendera, Thomas Appell, Shelley Kristen, Cathrine Mandolin, Ken Tamplin, Robert Lunte, James Lugo, Portato Ediciones, Mayre Ramirez, and Daniel Garcia. During his independent research, Jorge was awarded a scholarship to study with Richard Fink IV by the International Vocal Scholarship Program. This is where he was first introduced to THROGA Techniques in it’s early stages of development, improving his voice dramatically.

In 2009, Jorge created Libertad Vocal (Spanish: Vocal Freedom), a website for an exclusive skype only voice lessons. He also created a message board based on the website which now houses more than 1,000 registered members. Years later, he also opened an English version of is site: Vocal Engineering.

Jorge’s background in engineering allows him to have a technical perspective when working with students. He approaches vocal problems from different angles in order to help his students overcome his vocal troubles. Becoming a THROGA Certified Teacher has given him the tools and the inspiration to continue learning to be a better singer, but foremost, a better teacher.

Studio Location

– Online (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom)

Private Lesson Rate

30 minute Lesson: $30
60 minute Lesson: $60

Discount Packages

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