woman singing into a microphone

Sing, But Don’t Oversing

Sing, But Don’t Oversing What is oversinging? The term oversinging is widely used, but can have many interpretations. Generally, these interpretations fall into two categories, which I will call ‘vocal oversinging’ and ‘stylistic oversinging.’ Vocal Oversinging produces a tone that is pressed, pinched, strained or constricted. In extreme cases, it sounds like it hurts (and…

Jacob And The Dazey Chain

Jacob And The Dazey Chain Excited to finally share Jacob and the Dazey Chain’s brand new EP, “The Sky Is All I Need To Get High”!! Produced largely by Bill Reynolds at his Fleetwood Shack studio in Nashville, and features Rami Jaffee, Jerry Roe and other amazing musicians. Check it out here!

Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved Check out Daughtry’s latest Album, Dearly Beloved, where Johnny Cummings (Throga Records) co-wrote two fantastic songs on the album (“Heavy Is the Crown” and “Asylum”) along with Elvio Fernandes and Chris Daughtry. Give it a listen on Spotify or Apple Music!