7 Dimensions of Singing

The Throga Technique

[2nd Edition]

“If you can speak, you can sing.” In this must-read book for anyone looking to learn more about their voice, Richard Fink IV shows how singers, from beginners to seasoned professionals, can reach their full potential through a scientific lens. Drawing from his own experiences of overcoming obstacles and learning how to sing, Richard, a now celebrated singing teacher and Guinness World Record holder as a vocalist, breaks down the only vocal methodology in history to receive a US Patent, the Throga® Technique.

In the 7 Dimensions of Singing, readers are taken on a journey through vocal anatomy, accelerated skill training, self-diagnostics and customizable solutions. Readers can also explore chapter exercises first-hand and download audio examples and practice tracks online. Throughout this book, Richard brilliantly weaves the coordination of complex physiological structures into simple concepts, by comparing them to everyday activities, along with dynamic examples of real-world applications from Throga students; from performing on the streets of Sydney, to nervously waiting backstage at Radio City Music Hall.

The 7 Dimensions of Singing: The Throga® Technique is essential for singers of all ages, styles, and skill levels, helping to connect the mind (the singer) and the body (the instrument) through awareness and mindful-practice.

“Throga, 7 Dimensions of Singing, clearly explains the most enigmatic features of the voice. As a voice pathologist, I am routinely surprised to see how many singers, voice teachers, and even voice doctors know so little about how sounds are produced. The 7 Dimensions of Singing reveals the inner workings of the singing voice so anyone could understand them, along with real-life stories that reinforce each lesson. The exercises given for each dimension are tremendously helpful to any singer looking to improve his or her voice. I advise all vocal professionals, whether they are singers, voice teachers, speech pathologists, or voice doctors to read this book for insights on not just the anatomy, but the actual physiology of how the voice works.”


Amy Chapman, MA CCC-SLP
Founder of Voice Lab LA

[To the author] “Richard, you’ve probably heard this 2000 times before, but I really LOVE this book! It’s like having you on Skype; telling me those things in class. It’s really written in your style of speaking which is basically highly scientific stuff explained in a natural easy way, so even I, with English as my 4th language, end up understanding it. Just great! Also, the things you already taught me are really helpful for me to understand all of this better. I keep peeking into the chapters I haven’t read yet in between – I just can’t help my curiosity!! Thank you.”


Brigitte Krahn
Throga Student

“By reading this book I was hoping to find better ways to explain and clarify vocal technique to my students, as well as to discover strategies and exercises to help them improve their overall technique and vocal health. This book was exceptional in achieving all of that! It provided clear, simple, concise explanations and I found the illustrations very useful, particularly in terms of anatomy. I really appreciated the writing style of this book as well. Instead of reading like a dry textbook, it actually flowed like a novel. It was a joy to pick it up and read it, and difficult for me to put down. One of my favorite chapters was on brain research; it was simple enough to grasp the concepts but sophisticated enough to make me think more about HOW I sing and WHY certain responses happen. This is not a book of mere abstractions for vocal technique; it is clear-cut science. AND IT WORKS!”


Laurence A. Tallman
Vocal Music Teacher (29 years)
Chairperson at NYSSMA

“This method is the real deal. From expansion to recovery, Richard gives you the tools you need to take your training above and beyond what you thought possible. Grow your range, develop all characteristics of your instrument, improve control, power, stamina… THROGA is not just a set of tools, it’s the knowledge of how and where to use them to open the voice to all possibilities. And the app is amazing!!!”


Sarah Thiele
Universal Records

“Although I have been asked many times, I generally decline to endorse colleague’s publications. This time it’s different. I have seen Richard present his master classes and I have pored through his current book. Let me say the science is rock solid and the explanation of all the elements of the voice are easy to grasp and apply. Application, of course, is largely dependent on an understanding of the working parts of what it takes to produce quality sound. Those things are covered in great detail. For any singer who has a desire to understand how their instrument works, any voice teacher who would like to be able to learn precisely what is going on in there and desires to be up to date with voice science then I have no hesitation in recommending Richard’s book, THROGA: Seven Dimensions of Singing.”


Stephen Baker OAM, MRA
Director, Sydney Singing Centre
Senior Lecturer in Voice and Performance, JMC Academy

Written by: Richard Fink IV
Edited by: Andrew Phan
Illustrated by: Rebecca King (anatomy illustrations), Lyndsay Polizzi (cover) and Richard Fink IV (chapter illustrations and design)
Foreword by: Mark Baxter

Awards: #1 Best-Seller on Amazon.com in five categories: “Music,” “Vocal & Singing,” “Music Technique,” “Music Instruments” and “Voice Music.”

Book Type: Paperback
6” x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Number of Pages: 182
Publisher: Throga LLC
2nd Edition: November 23th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-7328869-0-2
BISAC: Music / Instruction & Study / Voice