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Welcome to Throga!

Throga is a vocal technique that uses a scientific approach to improve the skills needed to achieve a healthy, strong and well-balanced instrument. More importantly, it allows a singer to celebrate their unique vocal qualities in any style they love to sing using the only vocal technique in history to be awarded a US patent. In our online platform, the Vocal Gym, we will teach you how to understand your voice and provide a series of exercises specifically for you and your voice! To get started, take just a few minutes to get a free Vocal Profile Assessment. Scroll down to learn more! 

Vocal Profile Assessment

  • Take a self-diagnostics assessment to understand your voice
  • Break the voice down into the 7 Dimensions of Singing
  • See your results in a clear and simple web-graph
  • Discover your relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Adjust the accuracy of your profile based on skill-level
  • Re-take the Vocal Profile Assessment as often you like
  • Automatically track progress based on assessment results

The 7 Dimensions of Singing

The 7 Dimensions of Singing is a simple way to divide different aspects of the voice, based on their physical location within the instrument and muscle functionality. Singers and teachers use this unique perspective to better identify vocal skills, accurately measure progress, and associate the right exercises to target when training. The dimensions are: Flexibility, Breathing, Intonation, Range, Tone, Articulation and Strength. To learn more and see which dimensions you excel at, be sure to take your free Vocal Profile Assessment.

Vocal Mechanics

  • Learn the mechanics of how your instrument works
  • Reinforce new knowledge through vocal assignments
  • Apply new vocal skills and knowledge with course activities
  • Access to additional materials for Classroom Teachers
  • Reinforce what you learn with section quizzes

Vocal Technique

  • Learn on and off stage performance techniques
  • Discover a formula that applies to any exercise
  • Maintain good form with the Vocal Gym Guidelines
  • Develop your vocal skills regardless of style

Customizable Exercises

  • Practice vocalizing with fully-guided video exercises
  • Learn how to adapt exercises in real-time for better results
  • Adjust exercises to fit your current skill level
  • Download MP3s to practice exercises on the go
  • Build and modify vocal exercises with the Exercise Lab

Progress & Community

  • Auto-track your course activity and progress
  • Share your results with classmates, family and friends
  • Get direct access to Certified Instructors for guidance
  • Continuously improve by using a Vocal Journal
  • Participate in live events both online and in-person
  • Be a part of a positive and constructive community

Why Throga And The Vocal Gym?

#1 Best Seller

In five categories on Amazon.com

126 Countries

Singers around the world using the Throga Technique

65K+ Subscribers

Following daily vocal tips and activities

#1 Patent

Only technique in history to be awarded a US Patent

365 Days/Year

Diagnose and measure progress ANY time you want

3 World Records

Guinness World Records using the Throga Technique

346 Videos

Featured videos in the Vocal Gym Courses

7,000+ Lessons

Private lessons taught per year by Certified Instructors

4 Languages

7DS book: English, Spanish, Portuguese & German

115k+ Exercises

Customizable vocal exercise combinations

85 MP3s

Downloadable patterns for practice in the Vocal Gym

3 Million Views

Vocal tip videos to learn from and practice along with