Train with the mind.
Sing from the heart.

Forget hitting notes. The Vocal Gym helps you hit hearts. We give you the tools for that kind of power. Our training unlocks control, confidence, the voice only you can own. This is your stage. Own it.

Your voice is waiting. We can help you find it.

Master your voice.

Develop your vocal skills to tell your story in powerful new ways.

Sing your truth.

Discover how to connect with the emotions of a song and express yourself authentically.

Find your power.

Build the confidence to navigate life’s challenges, both on stage and off.

How does the Vocal Gym help?

You have to know where you are to know where you're going.

Our vocal profile comprehensively analyzes your voice, so you know the things you’re great at and areas that need more attention.

Learn how the voice actually works.

With structured lessons and videos, about the mechanics of the voice, taking all the guesswork out. So you can be sure you’re improving.

Exercises built for you.

Now you understand how your voice works, and the specific areas you need to work on, our targeted exercises work to take your singing to new heights.

Singing isn't all about technique.

Learn how to emotionally connect to the music and how to make music right for your voice.

Meet Liz.

Liz Longley, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and proud vocal gym member, known for incredible voice and emotive storytelling, was preparing for a tour, but lost her voice… listen to how the vocal gym helped Liz unlock her true singing potential at The Vocal Gym—a must-watch journey of transformation and triumph.

The 7 Dimensions Of Singing

The first step in understanding your voice is understanding the 7 Dimensions of Singing. This approach simplifies vocal development, focusing on seven key areas for targeted improvement.

Cultivate agility

Flexibility focuses on the pliability of vocal folds, helping singers transition faster between notes and enhancing their overall sound.

Improve breath control

Breathing teaches effective management of air, ensuring sustained notes and phrases and improving overall vocal endurance.

Attain pitch accuracy

Intonation tackles pitch control, aiding singers in staying on key, thus reducing off-pitch instances and refining musical accuracy.

Expand vocal range

Range development expands your high and low notes, breaking through limitations and broadening your repertoire possibilities.

Enhance sound quality

Tone improvement focuses on the quality of sound, enriching vocal timbre, and clarity, making each performance more captivating.

Clarify diction

Articulation enhances diction, ensuring clear pronunciation and effective communication of lyrics, making every word count.

Increase vocal power

Strength builds vocal stability and stamina, empowering singers with robust, powerful voices that resonate with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already taking private lessons, do I need the course too?

Many students use the Vocal Gym course as a supplement to their private singing lessons. This way they can focus on vocal technique with access to all of the Vocal Gym exercises and Pattern Vault to maximize their practice. Plus, your teacher (Throga Certified or not) can monitor your progress to provide additional guidance and feedback.

I’m a complete beginner. Will I actually learn how to sing with this course?

Absolutely! The course is designed for singers of all skill levels. If you have little or no experience as a singer or want to go back and study the basics, we have you covered in the first several lessons of the Vocal Gym course. Additionally, the exercises presented throughout the course are customizable, so that you always have the appropriate degree of challenge to progress to the next level.

What age is the Vocal Gym course best for?

The Vocal Gym Course uses techniques that are safe and beneficial to singers of all ages! However, we recommend children under the age of 13 explore the course with a parent or teacher.

Am I too old to take an online singing course?

Whether you’re in your 50s, 70s, or even 90s, you’re never too old to start singing! Singing is a lifelong journey; it doesn’t matter where you begin or continue learning. Should you have any specific questions or challenges once you’ve started the course, you are always welcome to reach out to our Certified Throga Instructors in the private Facebook Group to assist you.

Are there any live lessons available to course subscribers?

Yes! Although the course itself is pre-recorded and customizable to your vocal needs, we offer live events and lessons throughout the year. Subscribers will be notified as they become available. Private lessons are also available.

Can I download lessons from any of the courses?

Video lessons are not available for download. However, you can download practice MP3s from the Pattern Vault (included in the Vocal Gym Course) and course assignments. Please note that playing downloaded MP3s from your device will not get automatically calculated into your weekly training goals.

What if I have questions during the course? Can I talk to the instructors?

Absolutely. If you don’t already have a teacher or organization to help you, there are two ways to contact our Certified Throga Instructors: Post your question in the private Facebook Group or send a direct message to our support team by scrolling down to the bottom of the lesson page you are inquiring about. If your question goes beyond the expertise of our general support, it will be immediately forwarded to one of our instructors to assist you directly.

Do you have a trial membership for any of the online courses for singers?

Access to the Vocal Gym dashboard is free. Forever. This includes the Vocal Profile assessment, a custom guided vocal exercise, and interaction with all of the Certified Throga Instructors for general questions and feedback. After that, you can choose a subscription plan (monthly, annual, or lifetime) to start the Vocal Gym Course with over 300 videos, a pattern vault, live streaming lessons, and much much more. If you’re still not sure, we recommend trying the monthly plan for only $59! This way, you can have access to the entire program for a full 30 days with zero obligation to continue. That’s 24-hour access for an entire month to hundreds of exclusive videos and lessons for less money than the national average of a 1-hour private lesson.

Will I really notice a difference in my singing just by taking the online course?

Without a doubt! As long as you take the time to apply what you are learning, you will absolutely see REAL changes in both your awareness and skills as a singer. The techniques and exercises you will learn are designed to adapt to whatever your current needs are so that you continually progress.  Like any other physical activity, the more you practice/repeat something with good form, the deeper your mental programming (muscle memory) becomes, and the quicker you will improve.

What if I can’t get to the course every day? Will my singing still improve?

The beauty of this online course is that you can go at your own pace, on your own schedule. These lessons are available anywhere you have an internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This way you can watch a lesson, practice a guided exercise, or read about singing whenever you want. If you have to skip a day, two, or even a week, you can pick right back up where you left off. Of course, if you stop vocalizing or singing for several weeks, or even months, it will take some time for your voice to respond at the same level you were when you stopped, but it will be much faster than it was the first time you built those skills up!

Are there any opportunities to perform in the Vocal Gym?

Yes! We have both online and in-person opportunities to perform and share your voice. Although the premise of the Vocal Gym is to train and build skills for singing, the Beyond the Gym members (included in the Vocal Gym course subscriptions) are invited to participate in monthly live events online, where they can interact with other members and perform with direct feedback from Certified Throga Instructors. We also encourage you to share your recorded singing videos on the private Facebook Group with the Vocal Gym community. In-person performance opportunities include Throga Retreats, studio recording (at Throga Records), and convention-style events at various locations (these events are currently paused due to COVID traveling and performance restrictions).

What makes the Vocal Gym different from all the other online singing courses?

To start with, we truly care about each and every one of our Vocal Gym members and feel strongly that the more people we can help to embrace their voice, build self-worth and express themselves with joy in their hearts, the better the world will become. Meaning, we believe that cultivating a safe and positive environment for people to grow as singers (and humans) is more valuable than the number of sales we make! This is why we offer several free vocal exercises, video tips, and personal feedback on singing to ALL of our members, not just our paid subscribers. That said, we have several standout features that are, at the very least, unique, and won’t be found anywhere else:

  • Vocal Profile Assessment to monitor and measure progress
  • The patented 7 Dimensions of Singing to accurately identify skill levels
  • Customizable exercises that truly assist ALL singers in ANY style of singing
  • Our system auto-tracks and journals your practice time toward weekly goals
  • Advanced users can generate their own exercises to target desired vocal dimensions
  • Interaction with Certified Throga Instructors – you are never alone in your journey!

How long does it take to complete a course?

If you are working with a teacher or homeschool program that is integrating the lessons into a curriculum, the Vocal Gym Course can easily be spread out over a year’s time to provide the appropriate practice time in between private and/or classroom lessons. If you are taking the course on your own, you can move at any pace that feels right for you! Like a good book, many singers often repeat the same lessons, if not the entire course, several times to get the most out of it! The course is rich with information and even professionals repeat the basics while exploring new challenges to stay in peak performance throughout their careers. Alternatively, you could push through the entire Vocal Gym Course in a single month. Though this can be useful to get a feel for everything in the course, along with absorbing a ton of new information, it is not recommended. Binge-watching videos and rushing through assignments will not magically advance your voice without putting in the hours of practice, needed to fully benefit from what you will learn. After all, creating new mental programs and physical behaviors takes a whole lot of repetition. And because singing is a lifetime love for many, we always have something new for you to explore in the Beyond The Gym course (included with the Vocal Gym Courses) with weekly exclusive content added. Whatever you decide, don’t feel rushed and go at your own pace. You will continue to see growth regardless of how “fast” you are going and as always, we are here to help you along the way!

If I complete a course, can I re-watch the videos and retake the quizzes?

As many times as you like! So long as you have an active subscription, or are a lifetime member, there is no limit to how many times you can play videos or MP3s. You will never be limited to a one-time viewing.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Having an awareness of new concepts and exploring new exercises can have an instant positive effect on your voice! Since the course presents everything from an anatomical (scientific) perspective, it is common for singers to ‘get it’ quickly and notice some changes right away. However! Any lasting behaviors and improvement of skills will require a tremendous amount of practice. So the length of time it takes to reach your goals depends on how often you practice your new training, how effectively you apply the new techniques, and how much mental “re-writing” is needed if you are starting off with poor habits. Changes can happen quickly, but quality results will take time and devotion to your craft.

Will I receive a certification for completing the Vocal Gym Course?

Upon successfully completing any of the Vocal Gym Courses (this includes all lessons, assignments, and quizzes with a score of 80% or higher) you will automatically receive a downloadable, date-stamped, PDF that you can print and show your teachers and share with others. In addition, you will be awarded up to seven badges for every dimension section you successfully complete within the course!

Meet Our Founder

Richard Fink IV is the creator of the 7 Dimensions of Singing – the only person in U.S. history to be awarded a full-utility patent on a vocal training technique. He is also the founder of Throga®, a #1 Best-Selling Author in vocal education, and labeled as the “world’s leading online vocal coach” by the Wall Street Journal.

Richard’s unique and compassionate teaching style was built over the past 25 years, working with singers in 126 countries, spanning all 7 continents, including multi-platinum-selling artists, professional actors, political leaders, and Broadway stars.

As a vocalist, Richard is a 3x Guinness World Record holder and award-winning singer for solo performances as Jesus (Jesus Christ Superstar) and Jean Valjean (Les Miserables). He released multiple albums as a songwriter and vocal producer between 1991 and 2005, which led to co-writing and demoing songs for top charting artists such as Josh Groban and Michael Jackson.Other career highlights as a vocal coach include adjudicating Voice of Dance Life Unite in Australia and Suncane Skale televised throughout Europe, coaching at Talent Camp at Universal Studios, and teaching Masterclasses at various Universities.

Richard’s most recent success can be found on Throga’s YouTube channel as he and Johnny Cummings (#1 Billboard songwriter) celebrate and analyze vocalists around the world, generating over 100K subscribers and millions of views in just the first five months.